Friday, August 18, 2006

Bees and water and cats ... oh my!

So I just received a voicemail message from one of my new condo neighbors.

Y'all ... I got a little nervous right off the bat when I saw the call was from a new neighbor because normally calls from neighbors who don't know you means trouble, like ... your condo is on fire!!!!!!


But I took a deep breath and listened to the voicemail and must admit ...... my level of anxiety wasn't GREATLY reduced afterwards!


This is why. The message went something akin to:

NN: "Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that ....."

(*insert cellphone static*)

NN: "... bees on the deck ...."

(* static*)




NN: "....your cats....."


NN: "..... so I just put water on it...."


NN: "... that stressed them...."


NN: " me ....."


(*end of message*)


(* insert Kat freaking out!*)

I mean, a Bee Issue is better than a Fire Issue. But why's he talking about my cats with regard to this?? They should be inside!! And he put water on WHAT exactly?? Cuz he doesn't say "them" to indicate the bees, nor does he say "them" to indicate the cats. So ....... ?????

...... I called him back and found out the missing holes to the story. It seems that the entire message went something like this:

NN: "Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that I was spraying for bees on the deck above me because they were starting to build a hive. When I was finished, I noticed that a lot of the chemical was on my deck flooring and when I looked down I could see that some was on yours too. So I didn't know if your cats went outside at this point but just in case I wanted to thin out the chemical on your decking so I just put water on it. Once it dries it should be fine and the cats won't be affected. But I don't know if my doing that stressed them out. I just wanted to give you a heads up. Call me if you have any questions. Talk to you later."

LOVE YOU, New Neighbor! Cingular, not lovin' quite so much!

Though I do think I'll be using "so I just put water on it" as my new catchphrase nowadays. Just cracks me up!

"Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah. So I just put water on it!" (heh)

(yeah, I know. I'm easily amused. What can I say?? :))


BaxterWatch said...

ha ha ha ha....that was funny.

i <3 your posts.

i <3 red wine...

hmmm... interneting and drinking....hmmmm perhaps I should rethink this...?

anyway, glad the cats are chemikill free. bees suck. what bees build a hive on a condo deck? obviously stupid bees.

okay. i should go.

pagan said...

Thats a classic! Put water on it indeed! Thank you for bringing a smile to my otherwise rotten day.

Julie said...

Nice to see you have good neighbors! Do ya mind if I use your new catch phrase too? I love it!

goodgirl036 said...

I am just this guy a stalker or a hot neighbor that you exchanged numbers with??? Oh, hilarious story tho.

Kat said...

Neither ... just a sweetheart of a neighbor that actually came by the first week to introduce himself and give me his number in case I ever needed to call. How nice is that?? :)