Friday, August 25, 2006

Ooh, look! .... something shiny!

I'm getting nothing done at the condo, folks. NOTHING.

Tons of projects .... nothing at all getting finished. I've self-analyzed and realized I think it's because I have A.D.D. Either that, or I'm absolutely senile.

Why do I say that, you ask?!! Well, let me give you a brief glimpse into The Chaotic Condo Life Of Kat. Here's a snapshot of my time one morning this past weekend:

[Enter with Kat in master bedroom]

(*Kat spots moving box of packed toiletries sitting in bedroom*)

"Time to unpack this box of bathroom supplies which has been sitting in my bedroom since I moved in. Now where did I put the scissors so I can open it? Hmmm, I'm guessing downstairs in the kitchen. Either on the counter or in the drawer."

(*Enters hallway on the way downstairs. Spots CJ sitting at top of stairs*).

"Well, hiya CJ. How goes it? Oh, are you hungry? Okay, come on, let's get you a treat."

(*continues down stairs and into kitchen with cat following. Spots painting supplies in entryway*)

"Okay, my major goal today..... To paint the dining room. That's going to take awhile so the sooner I get started the better. I'll need the ladder for that. Where's that? Oh yeah, upstairs. But let's be efficient, is there anything from downstairs that needs to go upstairs that I can take with me while I'm heading up anyway??"

(*walks into living room to check. Spots unopened bag of cat litter that had been previously brought in from the car and not yet stored away yet*)

"Damn, that's right ... I'm in desperate need of completely changing out the catboxes. I should do that right now before I forget."

(*heads to kitchen to get almost full kitchen trash bag to use for litter so can then take all trash at once out to dumpster*)

(*takes trash container from under kitchen sink, removes its trash bag, places in new bag and puts empty trash container back under sink*)

"Hmmm, while I'm at it, I should throw out those couple of items going bad in the fridge."

(*opens fridge*)

"Oh man, I'm hungry... I haven't had breakfast yet so I should probably eat. Maybe I'll do that first before I start dealing with yucky cat litter."

(*puts trash bag down in kitchen, washes hands at sink, then goes back to fridge and ponders food options*)

(*grabs leftover pizza from fridge (what?) and a Starbucks bottled frap (double "what"??? :), tosses a small snippet of chicken to CJ, then heads to living room to eat*)

"Yippee skippee, while I eat I can watch the episode of Monk I missed last night" (shut it)

(*grabs remotes and tracks down Monk episode to watch*)

(*watches Monk*)

(*as well as maybe the episode of Psych*) (seriously, shut it! ;))

(*turns off tv*)

"Okay, now what was I doing?"

(*confusedly looks around and spots empty shelving which should hold cds*)

"Cool, now that the living room is painted I can fill those shelves with my cds and movies. I think those are packed in a box upstairs in the office"

(*heads upstairs*)

(*before entering office, glance in master bedroom and notice pile of laundry that needed to be done*)

"Well, before I start shelving the cds, I might as well get a load of wash started! Cuz me .... all about the efficiency!!! And that way I'll be getting two things done at once! Whoo hoooo!"

(*enters master but before grabbing laundry sees box of toiletries*)

"Dang it! ... that's right .... I was going to unpack that real quick. All I needed was the scissors! What a dork! I WILL finish something today!"

(*jogs downstairs and into kitchen*)

(*but before locating scissors, almost trips over bag of garbage left in the middle of the floor*)

"Crap, that's right ... I need to get rid of that. But I think I have a few things in the fridge to toss in there first..."

(*opens fridge. Sees CJ's bottle of pills in there.*)

"Sorry, kitty ... first up ... I need to give you your pills for today."

(*tries to reach down to pick up CJ but CJ has heard the "p" word and makes a dash for the living room*)

(*starts heading off after CJ until ....................[insert sound of phone ringing off in the distance]*)

"Crap! My cell phone! Where did I put that??"

(*races upstairs and traces source of ringing to purse which is sitting beside the bed. Furiously digs through purse but can't find phone before ringing stops.*)

"GAHHHHH! I REALLY need to clean out my purse!!!!"

(*Finally finds phone and sees that "unknown caller" was the dialer. Waits a few heartbeats but phone does not indicate any voicemails being left. DAMNIT!*)

(*Plops down on floor and dumps out purse to start the purse cleaning process. Hears cell phone beep*)

(*Looks over and notices that the cell phone is warning about a low battery*)

"Dang it .... I better get this phone charging since I don't have a landline. Now where did I put that cell phone charger?? It COULD be downstairs in the kitchen. OR was it left on the master bath's counter??"

(*Gets up and walks into master bath area to check. Doesn't find the charger but MAN does that sink need to be cleaned*)

"Before I go downstairs to plug in the cell, I might as well clean this sink real fast. I know I've seen that cleaner recently ..... Is that in the other bathroom??"

(*Puts cellphone down on counter and walks out of master and starts heading over to the second bathroom. While in hallway, glances into office and see the ladder*)

"That's RIGHT ... I MUST paint! That's going to take awhile! I'd better get that started!"

(*Enters office and grabs the ladder. Takes ladder downstairs in through the living room and spots the bag of cat litter*)

"DAMNIT! I REALLY need to change those cat boxes! But before I do that I need to grab the trash bag from the kitchen and I really should dump those couple of items from the fridge. Then I can just dump the litter as well into that trash bag and get it all out at once! Ya know .... cuz I'm all about efficiency!!"

(*Puts ladder down in dining room and enters kitchen. Before reaching trash bag, notices cellphone charger sitting on desk*)

"GAHHHH! My cellphone! I REALLY need to plug that in! I'd better do that first ... ya know, before I forget!......."

(*Grabs cell charger and sees paint samples purchased the day before sitting next to it.*)

"SWEET! I've been meaning to see if this paint color will work in the second bathroom. I can take this upstairs while I'm at it and save myself a trip."

(*Grabs paint sample and heads upstairs. Decides to pop into the second bathroom real quick to get an impression of how that paint will look. Puts cell charger on bathroom counter and holds paint sample to wall. Thinks the sample looks pretty good but won't be able to really tell until a patch is painted on the wall and left to dry. Decides to grab a paint brush from downstairs to do so. But before can leave the bathroom Emma hops on the counter*)

"Well, heya, Kitty-kitty ... you want to be brushed?"

(*Puts paint sample down on bathroom counter next to cell charger and grabs kitty brush from under sink. Proceeds to brush Emma*)

(*While brushing Emma, glances into master bedroom and spots pile of laundry*)

"That's right ... the laundry ... GAHHHHHHH ....I was meaning to start that!"

(*Finishes brushing Emma and walks into master to grab laundry. Does so and heads downstairs to the washing machine. Places laundry in washing machine and sees that there is plenty of room for some additional items. Decides it would be more efficient to grab more items before starting the washer. Exits laundry room and starts towards the stairs to find more items. Spies CJ trying to look inconspicous*)

"Hey now, kitty ... we still need to do your pill. Come onnnnn"

(*Scoops up CJ and heads into kitchen. Places her on counter and pills her. Spots scissors trying to hide under the mail sitting on the counter next to CJ. Remembers was looking for the scissors ... only at this point ... doesn't remember why! Looks around the area hoping something will jog the "scissor" memory .... spots the trash bag, the laundry room door, the bag of cat litter and a bunch of painting supplies. Suddenly feels overwhelmed! Decides to take a break and read.*)

And such is life nowadays, folks! This is why the condo is not yet painted. Nor unpacked. And why my cellphone may often be dead. :)

Good news is ......... I may be losing weight .... ya know, what with all the stair climbing and all! :)


shannon said...

I'm tired just reading it all. I suggest you simply try room by room, all you can do in each one, without having to leave to get something. If you can't put away the toiletries because you have no scissors, find something else you can get done. OR, just read and drink wine and ignore it all!

Sis said...

Ha, ha! Now you are getting a handle on what life after motherhood is like EVERY day. LOL. Ok, here is a trick I learned. Pick something easy and mundane like changing the cat box and getting the trash ready to go out and set the timer for 15 mins. Then see how much you can get done in 15 mins. I know it seems totally silly, but setting that timer frees your mind to just concentrate on that one little thing. Yes, it really works! Then do the bigger tasks this way - such as okay I am going to spend 15 mins doing whatever I can to clean up my bedroom (put toiletries away). This probably won't work for the painting, but it will help you with all of the overwhelming stuff that can be done in stages, and it really is amazing how much you can get done in 15 mins if you are only concentrating on one thing. Plus, after that 15 mins, you give yourself a treat (reading for 15 mins or whatever) and then you start your next 15 mins on one task. This sounds silly but it is pretty efficient. Trick #2 - get an empty laundry basket (or wicker basket) and fill it with "upstairs" stuff as you find it (leave it near the stairs). Then when the basket is full or you are ready to go up take it with you. I use the laundry basket trick here. Instead of seeing an item in the bedroom and taking it to the kitchen and then seeing an item in the kitchen that belongs in the garage and then seeing an item in the garage that belongs in the living room (and also seeing all the other tasks that need to be done) and running in circles, I just walk through the house and put out of place items in the laundry basket. Then I can make one walk through of the house again to put them away or I can just put the whole basket in the garage and let everyone else find there stuff and I can go put my feet up and watch TV in a clean living room. LOL.

pdxWoman said...

people who are not like this do not understand. they offer suggestions to improve our efficiency. i laugh. ha! ha ha!

Kim said...

Kat, I don't think you have ADD...I think you have ADHD! Good gravy, girl! Slow down!

Here's the plan...the next free day to work (when you don't have to go to work as I'm assuming the condo stuff generally gets done on the weekends) make a freakin' list! Start on what HAS to be done (feeding cats, pilling cats, dipping litter, laundry). Then start on what needs to be accomplished in the order you want to accomplish it. Then Saturday morning, you do the "have to" chores; pill and feed kitties, dip boxes, start laundry, then consult that list and start with the next thing. Do not move onto anything else until you have been able to cross off that task as completed.

Now, you've exhausted me. I'm going to take a little nap.

Teresa said...

Hehe...welcome to my world!

And I love Psych and Monk! So yippy:)

Kat said...

Well, the good news is that the dining room is painted. And the cds and movies are unpacked.

The bad news is that the box in my bedroom still remains unopened. DAMN those scissors! ;)

Thanks to all for the advice. I usually am a list person and DO upon occasion get things done. However, until I figure out where I packed my notepads and pens....... :)

d said...


goodgirl036 said...

he he he One, I definitely know this runs in the family (see comments from sis ), two, wow and I thought I was bad. The first day I moved into my new place with stairs I was sore the next day, because ADD and stairs are a bad combo...and although I know the trick of leaving stuff at the top of the staircase, I CAN'T do it becuase of ADD...LOL....anyway, at least you make me feel saner...keep it up...the other sis : )