Wednesday, August 30, 2006


A picture I took while driving* to a friend's house several weeks ago. Isn't that sky great?

*unless you're a police officer. In which case I was definitely NOT fumbling around for and with my camera while driving. Nope, I was most definitely pulled over to the side of the road all safe and sound like! Or, better yet.... I took it while standing on my front porch. If'n I had a front porch. Yeah, yeah ... that's the ticket (wait, who said "ticket"????)


Bobbi said...

That's beautiful!

BaxterWatch said...

hark! me thinks that would be sunshine... in portland?

well, i guess it IS august - one of the three months of sunshine.


shannon said...

wasn't it just perfect? i woke to the sound of rain beating down on our roof. i could have stayed in bed all day! i hope it happens again tomorrow morning, i'm working from home. nobody says i can't work from bed from home. :)

Kat said...

Heyyyyyy ... I thought you worked with shoes, Shannon. I can't do "work from home" and I'm a programmer and you can do "work from home" in the shoe biz?? Something ain't right here...... :)

(speaking of shoes ... a new pair of Anne Klein boots should be showing up on my doorstep this evening. Can I get a "WHOOO HOOOOOO"!?!)

shannon said...

I do work with shoes, but I also am in charge of maintaining our website and building our ads (both of which are done more easily when I don't have customers asking me questions all day). So yes, I got to work from home today. Sadly no rain to wake up with, only the stiffest neck on the face of this planet! Ugh...