Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Been working so hard, out punching my card

So last Friday I took a night off from ... well, moving in, unpacking, painting, spending money, worrying .. ya know, pretty much just my general state of affairs lately :) ... and decided to head over with a friend to Portland's Living Room .... more formally known as Pioneer Courthouse Square.

They do the COOLEST thing during the summer. And that is they show free movies on this big blow-up movie screen after dusk on Friday nights! They call it "Flicks on the Bricks"! Everyone just brings sand chairs, or blankets, or sits on one of the many brick stairs and kicks back to watch the show!

I went Friday and it was AWESOME! The place was absolutely packed! Vendors were set up to sell munchies. And the American Express people were even handing out free boxes of popcorn! (gotta luv free!)

I wish I had better pictures for y'all so you could see how absolutely packed this place was! And the crowd was such a hoot! There are places in this movie in which one can spot men's bare naked arses during a locker room scene and all the girls in the audience hooted whenever one would appear in the background! Flippin' hysterical! (err, maybe you had to be there to fully appreciate it! :))

Anyway, here's my attempt at the shot of the crowd. I was towards the front and the place was filled all the way to the columns you can (kinda) see in the back.

err, my apologies to those of you intently watching the movie Friday night who suddenly had a great flash of light go off in your eyes. Oops .. my bad!

Now my question to y'all is .... who can name this 80's movie based on this scene???

Come onnnnn, you ladies out there ... you know you know this!!!! If you don't, perhaps the title of this post helps?? :)

This Friday is the last movie showing there for the summer! Portlanders, do yourself a favor and go check it out. It's a cool community event!


BaxterWatch said...

that thar movie would be one Footloose - home to the original Kevin Bacon and Sarah Jessic Parker. not to mention one of the best soundtracks of ALL TIME.

cool. I miss the northwest. enjoy your sun while you can.
suzi, Alabama girl who used to be a seattlite, and who's dad is from Longview, WA.

Cher said...

Heh. "Footloose," indeed. That's AWESOME.
(We're moving to PDX in 14 days...I *can't* wait.)

Kat said...

Welcome to Portland, Cher!! You're going to love it! :)