Monday, August 14, 2006

I need to get out more!

Because y'all ... I am shopping for home furnishings and accessories, etc and finding the weirdest stuff! (Seriously, God bless Craigslist!)

Take, for instance, this:

Which is Oh So Wrong on SOOO many levels. But my main issue being ..... ewwwww. How unsanitary! I can't imagine the bacteria partying in that there seat cover. Cuz, bad enough it's on the lid .... but on the seat as well! To SIT ON??!! ARGHHHHHHHHHH! The Monk in me will have nightmares about that one.

This, on the other hand, is sheer brilliance! And I never knew these existed! It's like a litter box for dogs!

And it has a tray at the bottom that is removable so the urine can be dumped. AND ... once your dog is potty trained with it using the real sod they provide, you can switch to a synthetic grass that doesn't need to be watered and continually replaced! It's brilliant, I tell ya ... brilliant!

Of course, they also had this picture on the site which just cracks me up! Can you just see the snarl on the dog's face. It's like .... "do you MIND ... I'm trying to go potty here!"

So you don't think I've got toilets on the brain today, I also found this!

Which, don't get me wrong, I LUV me the papassan chairs. However, I take issue with that fabric. And that the folks in their ad say they paid $125 for it! $125! Are ya kiddin' me?! That means they bought it with that fabric ON PURPOSE. And paid retail! I mean, if it's $10 at a yard sale and you plan to throw a blanket over it then MAYBE ... otherwise .... not so much.

Of course, I'm not sure why I'm so surprised. I've been looking for a dining room table and clicking with hopeful anticipation (ie "will this be the one"???) on Craigslist ads with subject titles such as "Drop dead gorgeous dining room set!" and "Elegant Wood Dining table" only to find utter CRAP! I mean, I can find nicer stuff in dumpsters, folks ... what the HELL are these people thinking?? That's false advertising, I tell ya! The same goes to the folks who willy-nilly throw out the term "antique" and "vintage" and "beautifully aged". Damn you, people! I'm wasting clicks on your ads! Call a "spade" a "spade". Or, as is generally the case, a "piece of crap" a "piece of crap"!! Because that's what I'm finding!!!

Ah well, on a better note ... I am moved in! I have a "new" car! My new laptop is (still) up and running. Nothing broke this weekend (whoo hooo!). I have finally had a chance to start painting! And last, but certainly not least, T1 and her hubby had a healthy and beautiful baby boy! Whoo hooooo! And for all I hope to have pictures soon!

Hope everyone else is doing great!


goodgirl036 said...

I love the doggie you have to water it?

Kat said...

If you get the real sod then you have to water it just like you would your lawn (only with a smaller sprinkler (heh)). But once the pooch is trained on that you can use the synthetic grass .... hence, no watering!

Mark and MeLissa said...

Congratulations to T1! Now all those knitted goodies can be put to good use. :)

And cheers to you for the car, the computer and everything else actually behaving...I'm sure you'll find the perfect dining room set soon. If not, there's always Ikea for an inexpensive hold you over. ;)

Oh, and just because you'll maybe find it amusing, my website is know the one you helped critique back in the day. It's got a few changes to be made, but it is a good first start.

And, finally because I haven't left a pages long comment in like forever (he!), check out click on the elevator pitch off episode...I'm famous (and I'm actuall in the top 3)! :)

Kat said...

MeLissa - looks like you're in the top 2 now! You go, girl! That's awesome!

And the site looks FABULOUS! Love the photos. And that point you make about not accepting vendor kickbacks is such a huge selling point! Can't wait til you're rich and famous and I can say I "knew" you when! ;) Much luck!