Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hookah ... get your hookah here!

The Condo Seller is gone!!! It's official!!!! Whoo hooooooo! :)

But it wasn't easy. Here's the scoop:

So ya know how I said he was supposed to be out at noon on Saturday?? Uh yeah. Here is his idea of "being out of the condo by noon on Saturday".

I get a phone call from my realtor around 11:30 am Saturday morning ....

R.A.: "I've got some good news and some bad news."

Me: "Ruh roh"

R.A.: "The good news is that The Seller says he is out of the condo and the keys are under the mat."

Me: (*insert stunned pause*) "What? .....really??"

R.A.: "The bad news is that he couldn't find anyone to help him move so he just put everything into your garage and doesn't quite know when he can get it out of there. He thinks maybe that won't be today."

Me: "Are you KIDDING ME???!!"


I mean, how bizarre is that, folks?!! The man was able to move the stuff all the way to the garage (it isn't attached to the condo) and yet for some bizarre reason can't walk it an additional 5 feet to the back of a Uhaul truck?! Explain the logic in that one to me, would ya please?!

Anyway, I was so tied up trying to coordinate a rental car (see: Curveballs) and a towing company to take my car to a repair shop that I didn't have time to get over to the condo til about 6pm anyway. So I didn't pitch too much of a hissy fit. Just told my realtor to get HIS realtor over there to move his ass out!

Around 6pm, my friend S and I head over there. I'm praying that The Condo Seller is gone.

God apparently didn't get my memo.

We pull up and find The Condo Seller shuffling stuff around in MY garage. Now folks, the dude didn't even have stuff in boxes. There was just a ton of little crap ... like knick knacks and vases and books,etc just piled haphazardly around. WTF?

He spots me (GAHHHHHHH) so comes over to chat. Well, I say "chat" but really it was just to whine at me about how he's having anxiety attacks and couldn't clean the place (sigh) and how he really tried to be out but he called 5 different friends and they all gave him excuses as to why they couldn't help him move (there's a shock?!). But he swears up and down he's doing his best. He also assures me that the condo IS indeed moved out and good to go.


So S and I head to the condo and on initial inspection it does look moved out. Dirty ....but moved out. Until I made the mistake of opening drawers, cupboards, dishwashers and the fridge. GAHHHHH!

Folks, there was STUFF. And a lot of it was just crap. But some I decide to take up to the seller and plop it down right outside the garage and say "here". Much to his dismay. (hehehe). The rest of it I planned on trashing ... but left it for the time being since I was in NO HURRY to touch it.

Ya know, like the loofah sponge thingy that was still hanging in the shower (ARGHHHHHH).

Or the nasty bath mat which sits in front of the toilet! (
*insert major heebie-jeebie shudder*)

Or the suspicious looking green stuff found in baggies in the fridge. This COULD be say ...oregano ...

... or MAY have belonged with this item ....

... which I found in the storage closet.

Either way, it is now in the dumpster ... hopefully without any of my fingerprints on it! ;)

Anyway, S and I left everything be. I could have insisted The Condo Seller get his butt back in there and remove all that crap himself. But, not only was he looking completely haggard, the bottom line was that I simply didn't want to give him a reason to go back in there! WHO KNOWS how long it would have taken him to finish the job!

p.s. I received a phone call from my realtor on Sunday morning saying that The Condo Seller had called his realtor around midnight to say he was out of the garage! So I am officially Condo Seller Free. Even had the locks changed on Sunday (he only gave me one of the keys! GRRR!). Halle-frickin'-lujah!!!!


jenny said...

OMG! WTF is right! This LOSER should be reported to the cops ASAP! GOD! I just hope for your sake HE really is good and GONE! Whew....

I have been following your soap opera tale all week (much better than the crap on TV) tee hee : ) and am glad to know that you are once and for all in the condo! WOO HOO!!!

BTW...sorry about the car.... : (

When are pics coming!! : ) : )

Kat said...

No pics yet. Actually, not even in the condo yet. I move in this weekend. Right now I'm busy dealing with contractors who are doing some work there. I could do blog posts with titles such as "The Incompetent Locksmith" and "Getting Butt-F'kd by The Bastard Electrician". But I won't. To do so would only skyrocket my blood pressure all over again so I'm just trying to move on! And move in!!!!! Wish me luck! :)

Kate said...

Oh my God! I cannot deal with other people's dirt. I'm okay with dirt I produce myself, but not others. Does this guy realize that there are people that make a living moving others?! How about calling a moving company rather than calling a bunch of his stoner friends at the last minute? Post pictures when you get moved in and make the place your own. I've enjoyed reading your moving saga.

BaxterWatch said...

yea! but did he leave you a garage door open??

congrads and getting him gone.

condolences on keeping his dirt.

you crack me up. keep up the funny. just quit crashing the car.