Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's official ... The Universe hates me!

Either that or It just figured that we weren't quite even yet. Because .... have y'all noticed that my theory about having my computer up and running by late Saturday so I could update y'all on the move didn't quite pan out??? Anyone?

Uh yeah.

Now one might think that that was because I was so happily ensconced in my new condo, all moved over, set up, and unpacked, that I was too busy idly sitting on my back deck enjoying the view
while sipping margaritas that blogging didn't even occur to me.

If so, one would be wrong.

The more likely scenario would be that even though I had the MAJORITY of my crap (and boy howdy ... I didn't realize just how much crap I own) moved over ... not all was. And so the move continued over until Sunday.

But, regardless, come Saturday night, even with me and the cats trying to navigate amongst all the boxes of crap, and too tired to see straight, STILL felt the need to get the computer system up and running. (ya know, priorities!)

Now Buck had set the majority of it up Saturday afternoon for me so all I had to do was locate the power cord and plug it in. Which I did. So man was I EXCITED. Turned that puppy on, the lights came on, it started booting, I sit back pleased as punch, when suddenly I hear........."ZAP, crackle, crackle, pshhhhhhhh". Which was followed immediately by a dead computer and the distinct scent of burning electronics.


Chalk another one up for The Universe.

Sigh. So my "spare" time the last couple of days went to locating a new computer as opposed to unpacking and/or finding a new car (which I'm still working on).

I mean, don't get me wrong. My computer was older and was just a desktop. And I've been wanting a laptop so that me and my lazy ass can sit on my couch watching movies or whathaveya while happily surfing the net. However, the unexpected expense did not amuse me. At all. Ya know, because I seem to be having quite a few "unexpected expenses" nowadays.

Oh well, the good news is that at least The Universe provided me with two young hot studs to schlep boxes for me during the move. With my luck lately I was expecting Joe Buttcrack and friend to show up Saturday morning. So that was good at least, right? Right?! I don't know if it was New Laptop Expense Good .... but it was good nonetheless. And had I been able to figure out where I had packed my camera, I'da snapped a picture or fifty to share. But alas, you'll just have to trust me on this one. :)

Okay, back to looking for a car. Errrr ... I mean ... back to work! Back to work!!! :) More to tell later.


T1 said...

Before I even got to the sentence about you not finding your camera I was thinking..."pics?"

Because you know what a pregnant lady who is overdue needs is pictures of young, hot guys moving stuff...

I'm hoping that the universe is nice to us all tomorrow and you will have someone to call you Auntie from this part of the "family" besides my little four-legged fat dog.

Kat said...

I'm so excited for you, T1. And that Q is going to share a birthdate with one of my favorite people (hi R!) just makes me so happy! Good luck tomorrow!!!

Kate said...

Talk about unexpected expenses! You are going to need a laptop because sitting on the couch watching movies and blogging will be a cheap way to live for a while. Car dealers are practically giving away 2006 models right now to get them off the lot. Just an FYI. I'm so glad that you are finally in your new condo!