Thursday, July 06, 2006

And then a miracle happened!

I finished Q's baby pants!

I did! I did!! And the waistband and drawstring came out PERFECTLY*!

Look! Look how CUTE they are!!!.......

I am shocked ... (and awed!?)! And to the same degree of Tickled Pink as I was when I finished my first ever pair of socks!!!!!

But wait ... there's MORE!

The biggest miracle of all, I threw them into the hot wash and then the dryer hoping with all fingers and toes crossed that they wouldn't shrink away into oblivion ..................


....and they didn't!!!!!


Whoo hooo! I ACTUALLY believe that a baby will fit into them!

Of course, not having had any babies to call my own ... my perception as to what will and what won't fit a baby could be completely and utterly skewed. But until proven otherwise, I say that they'll fit!

AND that they are the coolest thing since sliced bread!

So there! :)

Whoo hoooo! (*continues happy dance*)

*as long as you don't look too close that is! ;)


Mark and MeLissa said...

Yea!!! :) They look are becoming quite the knitting goddess...

I on the other hand have put my sewing machine away. No time (nor motiviation) to quilt presently. Could it be the fact that I don't have someone else depositing money to my checking account weekly now that I've struck out on my own...yes, probably! :)

And, since I've been a slug and have been reading and not commenting much lately - congratulations on your new house! :) When do we get pictures or did I miss them?

T1 said...

Yeah! He can wear them with the sweater I knit...assuming I get it washed and blocked before he grows out of it...(no comments on the fact that he isn't even born yet and I should have plenty of mom's don't have time...especially when they're moving across country.)

Procrastination is a right, not a priveledge!

(This doesn't mean you Q! Please, mommy is begging you to show up on time!)

Cher said...

Too cute!