Friday, July 28, 2006

The GDO Remote Saga - Part 937

So I purchased a brand-spanking new 9V battery for the Garage Door Opener's remote yesterday evening JUST IN CASE the THREE other 9V batteries I tried on it were, for some bizarre reason, dead. The new 9V battery did not do the trick (I was kinda relieved by that .... would have been pretty dang embarrassing to have had this GDO saga dragging out for SOOO long only to have THAT as the solution!)

Anyway, Buck came by later that evening and had me open the remote so he could see the pins and such for himself. (which also included much touching and tapping and wiggling of parts ... such as Boys tend to do (*insert Tim "The Toolman" Taylor grunts in here*)).

Finding no obvious issues with the remote, he then grabbed my ladder and clambered up to the actual GDO to take a looksee. After viewing every possible angle of it, including the parts hidden by the easily removable parts, I hear "huh". Followed eventually by "there doesn't seem to be an easy way into this thing".

Which amused me to no end, let me tell you ....... what with this little ole chica having come to the same conclusion herself.

But THEN ... ah ha ... he decided to start messing with the wall unit of the remote. This kinda freaked me out because up to this point that wall unit still worked to open and close the GDO. (Which would make it the ONLY thing that worked to open and close the GDO). And with it being so dang old and decrepit looking, the thought of him mucking with it (and unintentionally breaking it) did cross my mind (sorry Buck). But I played nurse to his surgeon ("scalpel", "scalpel" .... "screwdriver", "screwdriver") and let him crack it open.

And in it .... we found ...... (*insert drum roll here*) ........... PINS!

Yes. we. did!!!

Now don't y'all think that would have been a handy tidbit for either of the Sears workerbees to mention to me?? You know, that the pins are in the WALL UNIT? Anyone?? Anyone?? Bueller?? Bueller?

YES. That little piece of information would have been DAMN handy people. Instead I'm wasting time looking at the formidable bolts on the actual GDO thinking "there is NO way I'll ever get that put back together correctly even IF I can get it taken apart!" :)

So anyway, Buck read off the settings of the pins on the wall unit while I checked them to the settings of the pins on the remote control and, would you believe, #4 was wrong!?! I do not know how! Because I was SOOO careful when I was changing out the battery because the motherboard looked so decrepit I was scared to even mildly jostle it. And yet ... I can't imagine that it somehow flipped while ensconced within the remote hanging unassumingly from my car's visor all those long months ago.

But REGARDLESS of how it happened .... the IMPORTANT thing is that once #4 was switched back on the remote .... THE REMOTE WORKED!

IT WORKED, PEOPLE, IT WORKED!!!! YAY!!!! I can now officially meet the conditions set out by the buyer of my house. (WHEW! ... cuz y'all remember just how important this GDO remote is to him!)

Actually, officially ... he is now the OWNER of the house. It closed yesterday. And the word is that my condo is definitely closing today .... even if I have an unwanted tenant for awhile longer! :)

Which I'm hoping isn't for TOO long.

Nay ... I'm going to BELIEVE it isn't for too long. That's right ..... he WILL be out by noon tomorrow!

AND the flooring contractors are showing up bright and early Monday morning just like they said they would!

(How's that for living in a fantasy world??? (hey! ... it might be the ONLY place I have to live soon so give me a break here, would ya??! :))

p.s. THANK YOU, BUCK!!!!


Kim said...

Good gravy! I just caught up on your last two posts and who'da thunk selling a place and buying another one could be so damn difficult!
So what happened with the freak in the condo you've purchased? Did he sign the paper to have his ass out by noon tomorrow?

T1 said...

I think an update with the latest tragedy is needed. Inquiring minds will want to know...even if this one already knows.

Also, Roxie, the Master Knitter CB works with? Has her own blog. Check out I believe I also got the first copy, first edition, signed of her book. If'n ya wanna read it.

BaxterWatch said...

whew. and here i thought you might change your mind about selling- because now you have a working remote to open the garage door.

which everyone *knows* is the secret longing of every person on the planet.

d said...

You should mention that any GDO made after, say, 1942, would NOT have the pins in the wall unit as the wall unit would not have the receiver for the wireless remote. I'm sure the new condo in the FANCY part of town will just have a little house where a pair of little fairies will take turns "on the ready" to open and close the new garage door for you. I want the record to show that it was less than 5 minutes start to finish from when I arrived to when you had a working remote again. "Followed eventually..." indeed! SHEEEEEESH. =)