Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Y'all aren't going to believe this!

It worked!! It worked!!!

I FINALLY have a signed addendum which confirms that the sale is still a "go"!!!! Whoo hoooooooo!


(*insert sound of throat clearing*)

The dude ACTUALLY wrote ... quite literally ... that (click to enlarge):

For those of you unable to read tiny fax-smudged print, the line reads:
"Seller to furnish working garage door opener to the above mentioned address".

AND THEN, as if that wasn't bad enough, the buyer actually added:
"and remote control (working)"
HAHAHAHAHA. God I love that guy.

Because that was it for the addendum after the inspection.

No worries about the corroding plumbing. Nor the faltering deck. Screw the ancient electrical wiring. And the I'm-Older-Than-God Furnace. But wait ...... I will HAVE the garage door opener remote or the sale is OFF!

WTF?! Seriously, just gotta love his priorities.

So anyway, the GOOD NEWS is ... the sale is still on. And we're looking to close next week (ARGH!).

In the meantime, anyone need any doorknobs? Window panes? How about some planks of hardwood flooring? Or house keys? Cuz apparently he doesn't want those (I mean, if he did he would have listed it, right?? :))


suzy said...

totally put my name on the list for the doorknobs :]

Kim said...

YAY You! Is this guy single? He must be cuz any female would have his priorities straightened out by now. We know to ask for window treatments, or a nice hutch that fits in the corner just perfectly.

Leave it to a guy for the "must have" to be a freakin' remote.

goodgirl036 said...

he he he ....the remote must be like an adult pacifier for guys. I might be on to something maybe I can market a binkie remote control for babies and adults (male)...he he he My ex-boyfriend had to have the remote in his hand when he watched tv...not the garage tv remote...just to clarify.

MeLissa said...

I'm surprised he didn't want your TV remote too as obssessed as he seems to be.

d said...

Aren't you going to mention that the remote does NOT work right now?


You better get on that!

shannon said...

men and their remotes (far be it from him to realize the garage door OPENER is exactly what he keeps calling the remote control).

yea for you!

oh, and window panes, older? I'd love to do some kind of screen thing by our front door....hmmm ;)