Thursday, July 13, 2006

I will miss the flowers

I've purchased a condo so I won't have my flower gardens anymore.

I MAY have a couple of places I can plant a few things around my front door ... and will certainly have flower pots on my deck ..... but I will have nothing compared to this:

Isn't that pretty? (*insert sound of me patting myself on the back*) :)

I think I'm mostly ga ga over it because I remember what it looked like when I first moved in:

Just call me "ghetto"

(No, no ... that's the same area ... I SWEAR! See?)

Of course, all kudos go to Ms C for instilling the gardening bug* in me. And for sharing some of her favorite perennials:

Like, the echinecea coneflower. I love this flower. Blooms from now til late fall. Simply gorgeous!


And the catmint. My kitties LOVE this stuff.

'Walker's Low' catmint in foreground

My daisies (which I love, love, love) are in full bloom and I already have three full bouquets of them throughout my house. And yet .... still all these still to be had!

'Becky' Daisies

Isn't that crazy? I'm fairly certain that is what one might call a "shitload of daisies"!

And these African Daisies which aren't really perennials but which have been known to survive a winter or two.

And last, but not least, the Mexican Feather grasses.

Ms C gave me one or two starts from her yard several years ago. And I now have .... at last count .... 5,642,001 of them. (more prolific than bunnies in heat, I tell ya).

But I love these grasses. And recommend them. Just buy several less than you actually want is all. Just sayin'. ;)

I love me the flowers now! And I will miss them when I move.

However. I will not be missing the dandelions.

Nor the slugs for that matter.

So there is that! ;)

*which, as Monk would say, "is a gift .... and a curse!" :)


ms c said...

i cannot believe how beautiful your garden is! you did such a great job in the backyard. don't you love those before and after shots?

and, damn girl, you counted all those fountain grasses? i wonder how many your neighbors have inherited :o)

great job and i can't wait to see pics of the condo.

Cher said...

Dang, woman - that's a fabulous garden.
I am so envious!

shannon said...

you'll just have to take that green thumb inside...imagine the plants you could live among!

Liz G. said...

Anytime you need to get a fix, you are more than welcome to come to Texas and work on my yard. It desperately needs it! My thumb is browner than dirt...

I'm even willing to let you wait until the Hell on Earth months have passed (tell me they WILL pass) so your Oregonian self will not die of heat stroke while walking down the jetway from the plane to the airport...

T1 said...

WTF? Our daisies look like crap! And we put the same chicken poop on them that you do...damn it!

Maybe it's the dogs trampling them...

Maybe there is a community garden near your new place?

twig said...

Hi. I just wanted to let you know thatyou owe me $20 for a new keyboard. I just spit soda all over mine because of you.

"I think not" POOF


Kat said...

Hi Twig! Glad SOMEONE appreciated it! :)

(for those of you confused: Twig is referring to the Rene Descartes joke I left on the Yarn Harlot's site in the comment section of her Surrealism post).

Oh, Twig ... Stephanie emailed me and said that the Descartes joke is her mom's favorite joke to tell ... after one or two glasses of wine!

Personally I loved Steph's fish joke:

Q: How many Surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: A fish!

(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! (*wipes tears*). God that just! :))

MeLissa said...

What a lovely garden! I can see where you would have a hard time leaving it behind....