Monday, July 24, 2006

A funny thing happened on the way to selling a house....

So have I mentioned yet that the remote for my garage door opener (GDO) doesn't work??

And hasn't worked for the past couple of months?!? Unbeknownst to my home buyer?!

Yeah, I didn't think so.

My thoughts .... nay, my HOPES ... were that the remote simply needed a new battery. Seems logical, right?

However, having now tried TWO different 9V batteries which I had in stock and neither one bringing the remote back to life ... I'm beginning to get concerned.

Ya know, what with the sale of my house depending on the remote working and all.


So I took the remote down to my local Sears (from which the GDO came) and inquired as to the possible problem.

The very helpful sales clerk asked if I had "recoded" the remote after replacing the battery.

"AH HA", I thought. Recoding. Good. Sounds cheap.

Of course, having no idea what that meant, I gave him the puzzling "what the hell are you talkin' about, Willis??" look.

So he trotted me over to one of the GDOs they had on display and showed me a shiny red button. He's all, "See this? Simply hold down this red button on yours for 5 seconds, then press the "open" button on your remote so it will 'code' that key to open your garage door."

Y'all ... I could NOT have been happier! I thanked the sales clerk profusely and skedaddled home to use my new found knowledge to get this problem resolved. And resolved quick!

Because it sounded easy enough, right?! Just hold down the button for 5 seconds. What could possibly go wrong??

Uh yeah.

Well, I'll TELL you what could go wrong! My ancient model of the frickin' garage door opener HAS NO shiny red button to press. There is NO button, people. Not a red one .... not a blue one .... not even a purple one. No button!


So now I have to head BACK to a Sears, GDO model number in hand, and inquire as to how the "recoding" was done in the good ole days before the existence of the shiny red buttons!


Wish me luck.


Jenni said...

Call Overhead Door, ask for Residential Service. Tell him what is going on - tell him you need help. (503) 252-5111.

Kimbre said...

Soooo??? What the hell happened? I'm on pins and needles here! Have never had the sale of something big, like a HOUSE depend upon the working of something small like a remote! It's like a soap opera on a Friday! I don't want to wait long for how the cliffhanger turns out!

mistyforeverlost said...

Well...your probably already gone, but another option would be to hit the remote at every house in the neighborhood until a garage door opens. Plan a steal operation and somehow manage to acquire either their remote OR the door.

Nah...Sears it is. So what happened????

mistyforeverlost said...

that was supposed to be stealth..not steal. But I guess if push comes to shove...

Kat said...

Thanks Jenni! I'm keeping that number handy. But I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel. Yet! (there is still free help to be had!! :))

Jenni said...

IT IS FREE!!! (I am sorry I forgot to say that!) They will help you over the phone!!! I used to work there!! They are great!!! They know all makes and models!!

Kat said...

Jenni- Thanks for the info. But "free"?? Really!?!! Get out! You can't even get a free kick in the pants nowadays! :) (but I'll remember this and keep them in mind the next time I have GDO issues! :))