Friday, July 21, 2006

The Sugar Gods are smiling on me!

Or cursing me with their generosity, depending on how you look at it! ;)

So last night I'm putzing around the house (HOT house, grrrr) thinking "man, I wish I wasn't allergic to grocery shopping because then maybe I'd have some ice-cream or some type of cold dessert to eat right now."

I then proceeded to open up the freezer to stare wistfully into its depth.

Suddenly I realized that all this frozen crap will need to be cleaned out before I move. So I shifted some items around to figure out what the hell was in there* so I'd have an idea of what I would throw out, what I could use prior to moving, and what would need to be moved.

While doing so, I stumbled across ...... are ya ready for this ............ FUDGE!!!!!

That's right, 6 pieces of cold fudge-ety goodness leftover from the holidays!!!! PLUS some kinda chocolate rocky road brittle stuff my sister made which was stored in the same freezer bag.

Y'all ................ do you KNOW how happy that made me and my PMSing self?!!! No, no ... do you?!!!!

I'm tellin' you, you've never seen someone's face light up so much as I did upon the realization that the Sugar Gods had gifted me with FUDGE!


BUT WAIT ... there's more!!!!!!!!!!!!

I walk into work this morning without having had breakfast (again, see "allergic to grocery shopping") and wishfully ask my officemate if he knows if anyone brought in any goodies today. He says he doesn't think so.


But THEN, not 20 minutes later, the office manager walks in to our office and asks me if I think anyone would want donuts this morning! Then trotted off to purchase some when she heard my enthusiastic "HELL YES!"


Life is good.

Now if only the Hot Celebrity Gods and the Lotto Gods would listen to my wishful musings! ;)

* apparently I'm allergic to cooking as well!


Mark and MeLissa said...

It's for moments like this (and countless others) that I kid you not, I have both dark and milk chocolate in my emergency kit for when I coordinate those weddings. That alone could be a major selling point for my business.


I am glad that you were treated royally this morning. Maybe the sugar gods are feeling bad for you having to deal with weird remote guy. ;)

Teresa said...

You know what...I kinda think we have a lot in common...I'm allergic to grocery shopping too...hmm it must be in our blood or something:)Well I'm glad all worked out for you.

shannon said...

all i ever find in my freezer are healthy crap ice cream bars that are so freezer burned they don't even resemble what they are supposed to be. what i'd do for fudge!

Kat said...

well Shannon, truth be told, the fudge wasn't exactly on top of its game, if you know what I mean. But it was still better than bupkus by far! ;)

mistyforeverlost said...

I'll take a donut AND the actual garage. Buyer can have the remote, I just need the garage ;O)

(followed here from the famous stalking Auntie Pearl post awhile back)