Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

So I'm busy trying to coordinate the purchase of a new condo with the selling of my current house.

Y'all know how frickin' DIFFICULT that is?!

Especially when you purchase the condo first and then kinda leave it to The Universe to take care of you on the selling of your home in the hopes that it will sell BEFORE you need the equity from it for the down payment on your new condo. (daring much??)

Well, (I don't want to jinx anything) but The Universe MAY like me afterall.

I listed my house a little over a week ago and I had an offer after only 5 days. I've been keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. The inspection was Sunday. (yes, SUNDAY! And they showed up at 8:12 A.M.!!! (*insert much grumbling*!))

So yesterday, after reviewing the inspection report, the buyer wanted me to drop our agreed upon price by $2500.

I gambled and said "HELL NO". (I know, pretty crazy* considering I need the down payment money by the end of this month.)

After much negotiations between my realtor and his all yesterday afternoon, word is that all is still going through as-is ... without my giving up another $2500 ....... as long as (are you ready for this???)......................I give the new buyer the remote to the garage door opener. (no, I am not kidding you).

Hello, people?! What IS that?! I mean, OF COURSE I was going to give him the remote anyway. I've already told him I'd give him things he hasn't even negotiated for .... like leftover paints and the number for the guy that trims my hedge (heh).

And to me ... the remote GOES with the house. It's not like he has to negotiate for the keys to the front door or anything, ya know?! It's a given ... you buy the house ... you get the keys. AND the remote!

And yet, him ... willing to stop the purchase of a house (after having paid big bucks for an inspection and the appraisal) if I don't have a remote to give him for the garage door opener!!!

That, my friends, is a special kinda crazy. Push comes to shove, I will BUY him a new garage door opener ... with remote. What is that ..... $300 total??

Anyway, I have yet to get the "we're proceeding on the sale of the house" in writing yet ... but now having told my realtor to assure the buyer that I HAVE the remote .....SUPPOSEDLY I will have a signed document today that says we're good to go. (this is where the much finger-crossing would be appreciated!)

Though perhaps I will need to PROVE I have the garage door opener first? And give it to the title company to put into escrow for safe-holding til the sale closes???

Seriously, send good thoughts. I won't be able to relax until I get this in writing.
Cuz you just never know when dealing with The Crazies.....

But in My Crazy Defense, I had already dropped the price a little for him from my asking price knowing that there would be some inspection issues. (It's a 1947 house ... what do you expect?!) And he knew the price drop was because of possible inspection issues ... and not just because I like to give away free money!


Anonymous said...

holy cow. what a freak-o-doodle.

I hope he comes through with the $$.

Julie said...

Well, you do know that the most important thing when buying a house is making sure you are not going to have to get out of your car every time you want to open the damn garage door, doncha? Sheesh, of course he wants the remote, what's wrong with you.

But seriously, I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you (and you know, I can't knit with my fingers crossed, so you HAVE to get those signed papers FAST!)

d said...


I thought that remote was earmarked for me. I don't want some other strange remote. I want THAT remote.



Kimbre said...

Maybe you could hold the remote hostage until you get the signed paperwork?

Sending good luck vibes your way!

Anonymous said...

Considering you may wish to use the remote between now and closing - you may not want to put the remote in escrow. Possibly the buyer would be willing to accept a "remote affidavit" contingent upon a viewing of said remote in the final walk through.

Make sure you take the batteries out of the remote prior to leaving - tee hee.

Good luck to you. I am buying my condo this week and feel your pain. I myself did not contractually request the garage remote and may regret that oversight in the near future!

goodgirl036 said...

lol...Congrats! With all said I will leave it at that.

shannon said...

I like the idea of putting the remote in escrow. :)

Why are people crazy (and stoopid)? Why do they not already know that there are things that just GO with the sale of a house?

Hoping for the best!