Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So I received the loan documents from my mortgage broker yesterday and it was great to see that he had prefilled a lot of the fields for me. Until I got to this one................

Somehow seeing "Unmarried Woman" pre-printed and in such bold lettering on these legal documents simply hit me wrong last night.

I think this reminds me of the 'Sex and The City' episode in which Miranda was purchasing her first place. She had to keep telling the loan guy "it's just me" when he'd keep asking if she had a husband who would be co-signing .... or if "daddy" would be providing the down payment. And sign additional papers to that effect.

And I understand that on the one hand there is the sense of pride in accomplishing so much on one's own. You know, the selling and purchasing of one's own houses.

And yet, on the other hand............................."It's just me".


In black and white.


Libby said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it being "just you".

Just you is awesome - this means nobody else's skanky underpants will be found in odd places, just waiting for you to pick them up :) And you don't have to worry about someone else's alarm clock waking you, or them eating the last of the Cheez-Its and not telling you, so when you go to get a snack at 3am, you curse them loudly and wake them up and demand they go get you more, I'm rambling.. :)

Cher said...

Wow. Congratulations on being "just you."

(I'm serious, here - I *wish *I'd had my crap together enough for that when I was single. Instead I frittered away all the proceeds of an amazingly well paying job on clothes, and drinks, and dinners at too expensive restaurants... Way to go, Kat!)

Sis said...

PLUS, I have to remind you that it's not just you. You have friends, and cats, and family, AND no man sucking away all your money. Instead you get to choose who you spend your time with and what you spend your money on. Hey, tain't all bad!

Can't wait to see your new digs. I bet this place will be even more beautiful than the last one once you get your hands on it. And, go with the wood, not tile. Wood is so much more beautiful, and the tile would be cold up there.

Oh, and I will add that you should have stuck around with the hottiehot hardware store guy. It sounds like a little flirting on his end to me. Plus, someone who can fix things?? That's all good.

T1 said...

I will never understand why that's an "important" fact to put on loan papers. We get the whole "but you're married right?" because of the different last names. WTF? What does that have to do with anything?

Besides...most people can't even buy a place with two incomes, let alone one. So screw 'em. They're just jealous.

Speaking of the name thing...should be funny when we tell the hospital that Q's last name will be completely different than either mom or dad. Ha ha ha!!

jenny said...

Hey, Kat

Congratulations on buying your house! That is awesome! Like, t1 said mopst people can't even buy a home on TWO incomes! So, who cares about the "unmarried woman" part! You are out there proving that women CAN do it ALL on our own and that we don't need a man! Now you can invite the guy over and KICK him out when he has overstayed his visit! HA! : )