Wednesday, June 07, 2006

While on the subject of music....

.... for those fans out there of the band Live ... and for those fans of American Idol's Chris Daughtry (hubba hubba*) ... have y'all caught the new duet of these two doing the song "Mystery"??

The Live website has a link to the download. You can find it here. It is absolutely fan-tab-u-lous! Take a listen if you get the chance!

Go Chris!!! Whoo hooo!!! Can't wait til your AI obligations are over and you can get out there and start up a band to call your own. I will come stalking, so prepare yourself!! ;)

[update: well, crap-a-dap! By the time Blogger came up and let me actually publish this post, the link to the song Mystery became invalid. Sorry about that. Apparently they've got it listed on all the normal download sites if you are so inclined. (Dang bastards .... just sucking all the fun outta things!)]

*Hey Taylor Hicks ... I haven't forgotten about you, don't think I have! You know I'd still marry you in a heartbeat if'n you crooked your finger at me. Just sayin'. K?! :)

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