Friday, June 09, 2006

I am NOT the Crazy Cat Lady....

.... and hence, I will not be watching the new reality show* which stars 10 cats! That's right, you heard me! A Kitty Reality Show!

Apparently the cats will be "put through their weekly paces in contests including best purr and top post-climber, a panel of judges will decide who stays and who goes."

AND ...the copywriters will be creating voiceovers! You know, to give the cats personalities!!! "Some may be shy, but the Los Angeles and New York cats could turn out to be real glamour pusses."

HAHAHA. See now, that doesn't sound entertaining at all! If I was TRULY a Crazy Cat Lady I'd know that this project "will be shown in three-minute segments in the 9 p.m. EDT hour Friday on the Animal Planet channel for 10 consecutive weeks, starting June 16". Right? So SURELY I'm not a Crazy Cat Lady. I don't even have my VCR programmed to record it. Yet.


* full details here.


Mark and MeLissa said...

Um, yeah. I'm not a crazy cat lady either. But, like you, I feel that my dear kitty deserves some mindless entertainment and so I think I might just take a gander. hee hee!

T1 said...

Oh that is not right...

Not that I wouldn't put the Penny is a similar show...if'n I got paid for it.

What do you think the target demographic is?

Kat said...

My guess would be divorced women who knit... :)