Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thank You

Thank you, Crazy Aunt Purl, for sharing me with your blog readers yesterday. The Power of Purl is phenomenal! I don't think I've had so many hits on my blog in TOTAL since I started it over a year ago! (sad really, but it might just be true!) So thank you. That's a nice 15 minutes of fame.

And thank you to CAPs fans for stopping in and leaving such nice comments. I am SOOOOO happy to hear y'all don't think I'm a true-blue Scary Stalker! And that you can relate! Makes me feel much better. Cuz really, she was RIGHT THERE! And looked just like she does in her photos! It was so surreal!

So whew! Sneaking the picture didn't make me a Scary Stalker. Which means y'all would probably also understand my sticking around til after she left and stealing her half-eaten roll??


Oh .....well never mind then. (heh)


pdxWoman said...

here it is, another day, and you're *still* getting hits! only, i added you to my reading list because 1) you're *funny*! and 2) you're from portland!

hey, i'm a stalker, too. it's ok. we'll start a group. if you have a group, you must be normal, right?

T1 said...

I'm with your vicariously through you and your blog.

Even Minou stopped by. You know I love me some cute little dogs and CAP's pics of Minou are just so damn cute!

Wish I had a blog.

That would imply that I had time for a blog, was not techmology-challenged, had an interesting life, and was even 1/2 as funny as you.

shannon said...

Yeah, I added you to my bookmarked blogs because of the funny factor (and the PDX thang too). Hey, where's your favorite yarn shop here? I've only been to Knit/Purl and Close Knit yet (still rather new to knitting, but LOVE IT). I have popped in Mabel's but nothing more than a looky loo trip.

Kat said...

pdxwoman - well, unless that group is something like "Stalkers Anonymous" ... lol

T1 - are ya KIDDIN' ME?? You're funnier than funny. Even CAP thought so. Remember? Just based on the comments you'd leave on her blog. (so there! :))

Shannon- try Lint (NW Marshall and 17th) and The Yarn Garden (SE Hawthorne and 14th). Those are my favorites! Oh, and Abundant Yarns down near Sellwood.

T1 said...

Hmm...funny-ha ha or funny-weird? There's a fine line my friend.

Shannon...I second Lint. Not the cheapest, but they are the nicest folks. They don't even make fun when you ask remedial-knitter questions. And for funny, also check out the Yarn Harlot's blog.

daniel said...


I'll happily support anything that is true-blue! (Even if you are in oregon and not 'stralia (the au left out for true-blue-ism)) :)

shannon said...

have you checked out Close Knit? I just scored some superwash merino wool there this weekend!!!

have heard so much of both of the places you suggest. will have to get there soon!

to t1- have checked out yarn harlot!!! too funny!