Monday, June 19, 2006

Calling all Portland area Shoe Whores!!

I have found Nirvana!!

Thanks to my yummilicious (that is TOO a word! :)) hairstylist I have been turned on to the shoe store DSW down in Tualatin (next to the Bed, Bath & Beyond at the Bridgeport Village).

Tons and tons of designer shoes, check it out!!!

And the prices, folks!! OH, the prices!!! Much cheaper than I've found elsewhere ... even on Zappos! (and I should know ... I found a pair of my Bass and a pair of my Merrells at DSW for MUCH less than what I paid. BAH!)

And although I didn't see any Keens, Fryes, Dansko or Harley Davidsons (what? :)), they did have:

The aforementioned Bass and Merrells, of course.

As well as:

Anne Klein
Michael Kors
Steve Madden
Franco Sarto
Kenneth Cole Reaction
Josef Seibel
Liz Claiborne

... to mention just a few. They also had a ton of tennies but I didn't check out the brands on those aisles.

So go! Run! Give it a try! I mean, what's the worst that can happen?? You end up with 50 million pairs of shoes you didn't need and a credit card bill you can't afford? Pshah! Now how is that different than any other day!?!?! ;)


T1 said...

Why? You know I have a shoe problem! And this is nowhere near where I live and yet I'm trying to justify driving 45 minutes to get there!

I thought I was safe when you said no Dansko...but then! Franco Sarto! Kenneth Cole!


Stick said...

I heart DSW - sign up for their points program or whatever it is, they give good coupons!!

shannon said...

oh t1...perhaps we have met? i work at the dansko mecca...downtown. :)

dsw, still rocks though! got a pair of yummy carlos santana navy blue wedges there a month ago...sigh.

T1 said...

Oh Shannon...if I worked downtown I'd be in big trouble. It's bad enough that I work across from the Lloyd Center.

Right now at 8 months pregnant, Dansko's are the only shoes that are comfortable. Which gives me a very good excuse to go buy some more dontcha think??

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Art & Sole in No Po on Interstate Ave. is THE place for Danskos! I couldn't find any Marcelles anywhere but this funky little shop had 'em PLUS I got the most comfortable NOAT's. Black mary janes with cute little swirl on the toe.. m.m.m.
They've also got some Ariat shoes on order that I will be going back for cuz I've had these before and they rock and roll. AND yes there's more... the dude fixed the straps on my Tevas! web sit is