Friday, June 16, 2006

L.A. Roundup

So finally some pictures from my trip to LA this past weekend! It has been a CRAZY week ...

First off ..... wait a minute ... what's this? .... hmmmm, perhaps these are photos from my trip to the North Pole?....

No, no ... that's right ... it's called Being Bored To Death On The Airplane. So I amused myself by taking pictures of the clouds out the window.

Here's another (look how fluffy they look!!!)......

... but I'll kindly spare you the Fifty Gagillion others I took (what can I say? I forgot my knitting! :))

You know you are in L.A. when:

1) you can eat In N' Out under the shade of a palm tree.

2) you can see the Hollywood Sign!!!!! (you might have to trust me on this ... it is there through the haze ... I SWEAR!)

3) you can't walk 5 feet without stumbling across something being filmed (in this case, apparently, a 2007 Toyota commercial)

4) you can't walk 5 feet without seeing a celebrity

Hey! Those are TOO celebrities!! They're stars of the new Pixar movie "Cars"!

Found these on Hollywood Blvd when my friends and I were wandering around Hollywood about midnight after dinner on Saturday night. We were going to pop in to watch the 12:30 am movie showing ... but then we remembered that we were old and it was past our bedtimes ... so we continued on home! :)

The best sight after stumbling out of my mom's guestroom on a Sunday morning:

A sticky note saying......

Yeah, life is hard, eh?? :)


These people that move back in with their parents may just be on to something. Just sayin'! ;)

Walt Disney Concert Hall:

I asked mom where she wanted to go on Sunday and she immediately said she'd been wanting to see the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I'd never heard of it but ... off we went!

It's a gorgeous building, created by architect Frank Gehry, and now houses the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Take a gander at some of these shots...

Isn't that a fabulous building!! I just love it!

Random Stuff Around L.A.:

A view of downtown.....

The Kodak Theater ... home of The Oscars ... and, more importantly, where American Idols have tread (specifically Taylor Hicks and Chris Daughtry (yee doggie!)) :)...

"Oversized Love Sacs" ... (*snicker*)... [I think I embarrassed V and L by taking this photo. Which, after having already dealt with me stalking the CAP, you'd think wouldn't have fazed them at all!]

And last, but certainly not least, just for T1*!!!

I didn't have time to stalk Keanu in person for you because I was uhhhh .. a little too busy stalking Crazy Aunt Purl? (heh)...but I did find this for you!

Perhaps not as exciting as Keanu in person (ya think?) ... but it's the thought that counts, right? :)

So there you have it ... the L.A. Weekend Roundup.

*too funny that you just mentioned the Keanu Stalking in your comment on Wednesday's post. Hehe.


T1 said...

You are my new best friend!

Love the Keanu!!


Course...almost as making the hubby stop in the middle of the street in Maui so's I can get a pic of me with a street sign that says, Keanu Place.

You think he'll ever come to NC??? Or am I SOL?

BaxterWatch said...

hey girl - linked to you from CAP - love her too. and I'll be stopping by often.

I hated LA but I see that I didn't do any of the fun there. interesting

shannon said...

yeah, crazy aunt purl...better to stalk than keanu! :) sorry t1! LOL