Friday, June 23, 2006

Goo Goo Dolls and Counting Crows

So Buck and I went to the Goo Goo Dolls and Counting Crows concert on Wednesday night up at the Clark County Amphitheater.

Pretty good concert all in all ... though I do believe I'll just stick to buying the albums from here on out.

I mean, I really like the Goo Goo Doll's music but neither time that I've seen them now (I saw them once before when they opened for Bon Jovi (what? :)) a couple of years ago) have they wowed me.

I know, I know. Perhaps I'm not giving them a fair shake.

Perhaps the first time I was just too wound up anticipating the arrival of Jon-Jon* on stage that no other band would satisfy me.

And perhaps this time I was simply too distracted by the crowd around me. Because let me tell you, folks, this was the strangest crowd yet. And not in the "holy cow, there are some FREAKY PEOPLE here, I'm scared" kinda way. Because I've dealt with that at concerts too. But this crowd was just distracting ... in both an entertaining and annoying kind of way.

The Annoying would be the tons of folks around us who simply had to keep leaving their seats to exit the amphitheater. Or to come back. You know, to get cotton candy or another drink or really, lord knows what. But it was strange because it wasn't just ONE annoying person. It was like EVERYBODY around us. Continually. Even when the performers were on stage.

The Entertaining would be like the two young, good-looking blonde chicks (Buck called them The Lesbians (for in his fantasy I'm guessin')) who took (and I kid you not here) like FIFTY pictures of themselves. Just by putting their heads together and holding the camera out at arms length. Seriously ... like FIFTY! (and I thought I was picky about photos of me!!! :)).

And The Butt Dancer Guy. Who I took a video of (which I WishWishWish Blogger would let me share with y'all) because it was just SO DAMN FUNNY! Reminded me of the Head-Jerk Dancing character on Saturday Night Live. Only with his butt!

And then This Guy.

I had Buck convinced that This Guy was Vince Neil from Motley Crue! HAHA! It wasn't ... but he did actually look like him from the back when he had his sunglasses on. (And in the dark ...when you squinted real hard ....and only looked at him out of the corner of your eye. (hehe))

But enough of my jimmer-jammer ... I know y'all just want to see the pictures of The Pretties. So without further ado, I give you ....

The Goo Goo Dolls: (and more specifically, Johnny Rzeznik ;))

(By the way, sorry for the poor picture quality but it was just dark in there and my camera was NOT happy)


Look how cute this is. I think these are their lucky charms that they had on stage with them. A Bob's Big Boy, a Homer Simpson, and ... errr ... something! ;) Cute!

The Counting Crows:

I've never seen The Counting Crows before. No, no ... literally! I've never SEEN them before. Not in video. Not in photos. Nada. So when Adam Duritz came on stage I was a bit surprised. Not the look I had pictured in my head.

Funky cool though.

Now I must admit that I thought FOR SURE that the Goo Goo Dolls would be the headliner. So I was SHOCKED when The Goo came out first. Shocked! So to me, The Counting Crows, though good ... were anticlimatic. Which I guess doesn't give THEM a fair shake either! ;)

Anyway, a couple of more Adam shots:

And a couple of Dan Vickrey:

Not my usual Concert Write-Up pizzazz, I know ... but I know all y'all are just in it for the pictures anyway!!! :)

*whom I've touched(!!!), y'all remember... :)


T1 said...


Seen the the Ampitheatre no less. They were stoned, stoned, stoned. Very disappointing. Luckily John Mayer was the headliner and he made up for it.

That and the two hours it took to get out of the freaking parking lot.

Anonymous said...

I just got my tickets for the Irvine show in California on June 30. Thanks for your post! By the way, I got my tickets at

d said...

HEY! You did NOT convince me that guy was Vince Neil. C'mon! I mean, I'm gullible and stuff, but really now...