Monday, June 26, 2006

Me and Saddam ..... ThisClose!!!

So me and Saddam Hussein .... two peas in a pod! Who KNEW?!!!!

I mean, I would have thought that I'd have NOTHING in common with a viscous dictator ..... but apparently I'd be wrong! :)

Because it appears that both he and I have NO willpower. AND love-a the food!!! See?

Because that is SOOO me, I tell ya. I'd get all pissed off and say "that's IT .... I'm going on a hunger strike! I'll show YOU!!". But when reality set in ..... and the tummy started growling ... I'd cave. Oh, would I cave!

Perhaps I should suggest to Saddam that he go on say ... an Overcooked Broccoli Strike!?! Or a Burnt Toast Strike?!! Because I'm pretty sure those would be a lot easier to stick to.

But just a Hunger Strike in general .... no, no ... that's just craziness right there, I tell ya. That won't work for the likes of us, Saddam. Just sayin'. Nice try though! ;)


Kate said...

This is me too. Obviously being a dictator takes a lot less willpower than one would think. Does a hunger strike include coffee? I'm not sure I feel strongly enough about anything to give up my coffee. . .

. said...