Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Mind Boggles

Uhhhhh T1?? ................. you didn't buy a new car and not tell me, now did ya?!!

Because I just saw this car with the "KEANU" license plate driving around at lunch and figured it must be you.

I mean ... who else????

The ONLY other Keanu Fan-atic I know moved far away..... so that just leaves you. Because surely there can't possibly be THREE of you in this world, now can there? :)

p.s. Keanu, if you're reading this. Just joking, baby. I'd do ya ... so just know that. Though I'd probably squash ya if I did. Dang freakishly skinny people.
p.p.s. Counting Crow and Goo Goo Doll concert pictures coming tomorrow. I SWEARRRR!


T1 said...

Now...I'm not sayin' I wouldn't love me a Murano, but even I halt the Keanu-ness at a license plate. Unless of course you mean his actual license plate that he's touched and then I say "GIMME!!"

And excuse me?? I had no idea my Keanu-Sister moved away. Where was my notification?

I'm hoping you did better with your pics of Johnny than our nameless blonde wonder here at work who re-formatted her camera and lost all of her pictures.

Of course you never disappoint. So I'm sure you did.

shannon said...

I've seen that car before! Although, and don't hate, we made fun of them...

But, I have always wanted a plate that read "bob" because it's my favorite name ever...had a cat named it, one of my favorite neighbors was named it, never dated anyone named it though.

Sis said...

Well, I might be in the minority (don't think I am though), but I thought Keanu was HOT in "The Lake House." Hot, hot, hottie, hot. Does that make me a fanatic?