Monday, May 01, 2006


Okay, here's hoping life settles down a bit this week so we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming. ;)

But for now, I'll try to fill you in on some happenings and share some pics:

My Queen of the Night tulip:

One of the tulips in my yard. Oh so pretty.

The Devil In Disguise*:

Yeahhhhhh, don't let the cute face fool you, peeps....she's evil, I tell ya ... evil!!!

This is Penny. We've met her before. I spent last week dogsitting both her and Friday at my house ....


... ya know, with me and two cats.

Uh yeah.

Which is normally "okay". But Penny has picked up a new habit since last I dogsat. The habit of needing to pee during the middle of the night. EVERY NIGHT.

T1 tells me this is a new habit of Penny's now that preggers T1 is up umpteen times a night herself.

Which makes sense, but still doesn't help get me some sleep. Cuz getting up each night at o'dark hundred hours ... when I normally only get probably 6 1/2 hours of sleep a night on average ANYWAY .... really makes for too little sleep.

And when I say "o'dark hundred hours" ... I'm talkin' "o'dark hundred hours!"

Night 1: 2 a.m.
Night 2: 3 a.m.
Night 3: 4 a.m!!!
Night 4: 4 a.m!!! (that threw me too ... my logically minded self thought 5 am for sure!)
Night 5: 3 a.m!
Night 6: 2 a.m!!!


So last week was NOT a good week to know me. What with the lack of sleep, the stress of the office move ... and of the dogsitting ... AND with major PMS .... uh yeah .... I'm surprised I still have a job!!! And friends!!! ;)

More grumpiness:

Of course, I wasn't the only one grumpy last week. Check out this puss.

One grumpy kitty

CJ can be pretty stubborn and hated giving over the house to the dogs so she found a way to stay IN the house ... and yet do so safely. So she took to the tops of the kitchen cabinets. I was just impressed that she can still get her hiney up there. It's quite the leap from the top of the fridge.

BTW, I just realized she's now 16 years old!!! As of today (I THINK May 1st, 1990 is when she was born. I was there ... but ya know ... did I or did I not correctly remember the date? Who knows). So y'all, feel free to wish her a happy birthday. I would myself but ya know ... I'm not THAT crazy. (yet!) ;)

Speaking of CJ:

I never figured out how to collect that urine sample using the complex puzzle of the syringe, eggroll holder and baggie. So I resorted to taking her into the vet on Saturday and they were able to magically retrieve one.

Of course, I say "magically" because they did it behind closed doors. One instant, no urine sample. The next ... voila! ... we have urine sample.

But I'm thinking CJ wasn't thinking it was oh so "magical". Especially because when I got her back she had the look of being quite ... oh, what's a good word to describe it? .... violated! But she's a trooper. A couple of hours curled in the fetal position on the shower floor wailing "oh the humanity" and a few pounds of her favorite roasted turkey later and she was right as rain! :)

Book Reviews:

So I've finished a couple of books lately.

Last night I finished The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice (though written under the pseudonym A.N. Roquelaure). Some might call it "erotica" ... and at times I might call it "erotica" ... but really, most of the time I was just wondering how the hell folks come up with shit like that. I mean, it's almost scary what comes out of some author's minds. (think Stephen King)

Speaking of which, someone loaned me his Cell: The Novel. I haven't decided yet whether or not I'll read it. I simply don't like being scared ... and some of his stuff ... GAHHHHHHHHHHHH! :)

I also finished (and yes, I realize I'm the last person ever to read this) James Frey's A Million Little Pieces. I found it quite interesting learning about the addictive process. But perhaps knowing much of the story was fabricated I wasn't as enthralled as Oprah said I would be. Still a good read.

One I would highly recommend is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Very, very tragic in places but simply an excellent read!

Sister Visit:

So last night I dragged Buck up to Centralia (about an hour and a half north of Portland) to meet up with my sister A and her boyfriend for dinner. A lives in Denver but was in Seattle just for the weekend. The dinner was great! We met up at this Mexican food joint right off the freeway up there where their "grande" margaritas are truly "grande". (and apparently all for just 65 cents more than their regular sized margaritas!!!).

So A ... thanks for taking the time to drive down! I had so much fun. It was great to see you guys and really ... we need to get together more often. Which would be a lot easier if'n you were to move to Portland! Just sayin'! (Come onnnnnn ... it would be great!!! :))


And last but not least.............

Kitty Porn:

Emma ... caught in the act!!

So there ya have it. A run-down on the latest happening around Katville! Hope y'all are having a great Monday!

*sorry, T1 ... but it's true.


Mark and MeLissa said...

Wow you've been busy. I'm going to have a challenge keeping this short! :)

Beautiful flower!

Apparently, last week was a PMS week for many of us...just ask some of my "super secret" blog regulars!

Happy Birthday CJ! (Apr. 27 was Pixie's adoption day!).

And, hee hee kitty porn. Too funny! Pixie is a porno kitty, too.

Libby said...

I just picked up "A Million Little Pieces" at B&N a couple of weeks ago. Still haven't read you think it's different now that you know it's a work of fiction??

PS - Hot porn. And is it weird they have the "wheelchair handicapped" symbol next to the word verification??

Kat said...

Libby- I clicked the wheelchair and it didn't do anything. Now I'm really befuddled by it!!! ;)

And yeah, I need to find an article on exactly WHAT pieces were fabricated in the Frey book. I remember that he only spent a couple of hours in jail and not 3 months. But I don't remember what parts about the love interest in the story were fabricated. Let me know if you know of link to an article on that.

T1 said...

Don't I know Penny is the devil in disguise. We tell her all the time. I always say all of her freckles are devil marks and the one little white one on her forehead is the angel one.

I'm guessing it would be wrong to tell you she is back to sleeping through the night despite me?

Of course it could be just that she missed her mama...because she is like an unholy tumor that won't detach itself.

goodgirl036 said...

We had a great time too! Mucho grande Margaritas were great too! I was thinking Seattle which would put me closer. Give me a couple of years. I missed the Sopranos but hope to catch up this week.