Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Perhaps Shoe Whoring runs in the family?

Or perhaps it's simply contagious? I don't know.

All I know is that my baby CJ loves her The Shoes! Just like her mama! (what?)

I mean, just look at that happy face!

Of course, her kinda "shoe love" is a wee bit different than mine! Because when I say she "loves the shoes" ... I mean that she "LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVSSSSSS (*wink, wink*) the shoes"! ... (if'n you know what I mean).

Oddly enough, she only likes the stinky ones too. So I'm thinking this old pair of sandals of mine are finally getting a bit ..... errr ... ripe, shall we say? Because normally she doesn't like my shoes and must wait til some unsuspecting stinky-footed guest comes into my home and makes the mistake of taking off their shoes. And oh boy, are they ever in for a surprise when they do.

But finally, a pair of my very own to provide my kitty with the ultimate happiness!

Here she is demonstrating her Stinky Shoe Courting Ritual...

"You will be mine, you Luscious Leather Vixen!"

And after the courtship dance, she gets right down to some outright molestation...

"Ah yeah, that's some good stuff!"

Until finally, she is done ... and enjoys a cuddle with the one she loves!

"Would you happen to have a cigarette?"

I know, I know .. some of y'all are going to think she's crazy. But not me. Nosireebob. And that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I had the urge to do the same to a pair of shoes that Buck was wearing on Sunday. Nope. Completely unrelated! She's just not crazy! Simple appreciates the shoes, that's all. So move along ... nothing to see here! ;)


d said...

LOL We should really redo that pictoral with you and my shoes.


ms c said...

'scuse me but i don't think cj is crazy. i'm thinkin' her mama is just a tad bit...i mean all the photos, the human commentary, the...buck's shoes?

Kat said...

Ah well, Ms C, we all KNOW I'm a tad crazy. Nothing new there! ;)

d said...

btw... i think it's absolutely frickin' AWESOME that you were able to get this photo shoot.

i think cj's a shoe whore AND a camera whore!