Thursday, May 25, 2006

Holy Cow! ... Is that KNITTING I see??

By Golly ... that IS knitting! And yes, it's another bunny! But this time I'm attempting to knit it using only DPNs. The pattern calls for the use of TWO circular needles here ... but really, this DPN thing is awesome!!! Not only are the needles easier to juggle, but there is NO purling involved! All just the knit stitch for the body of the bunny! Can I BE any happier?? :)

Oh, okay ... I COULD be happier if y'all could figure out a way for me to marry the new American Idol champion, Taylor Hicks! ("Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol!!!") Cuz I luvs him!!! What a sweetie, eh?! And I am down with the soul! (and the George Clooney look ain't so bad either!!! ;)) So if any of y'all out there in blogland know the man, would ya hook us up?? Pretty please?! Okay, thank!

Here's another pic for you! Found this while wandering a garden store yesterday. Is it just me or is "Golden Showers" not the BEST name for a rose bush?? (or for pretty much anything really?)

Emma checking to make sure I'm not making any changes to her garden that she doesn't approve of.....

hehe. That pic just cracks me up.

Look at how pretty this bracelet is!! Ms C just sent that to me as a gift*!! Unfortunately, I wore it today to work and broke it before I even got my jacket off! And I just received it last night!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (*sob*). BUT ... Ms C said just to send it back and she'd fix it for me! YAY!!!! Thank you, Ms C! Sorry about that! Damn jacket! Shouldn't have to be wearing a jacket to work this late in the season anyway ... dang it! :)

And last but not least, here's a link to a funny comedic dance video! You know, in honor of the new American Idol-style dance competition that starts tonight (what??) :)

*hmmm. I tell the woman she's the only one I'd go gay for and she suddenly starts sending me gifts of jewelry. Co-ink-y-dink?! I don't think so!! :)


T1 said...

There's knitting! At my house too. Courtesy of the yarn sale at Lint. I actually started on the sweater for QT. Almost have the back done. If it wasn't for American Idol I probably would have it done...SOUL PATROL!!

It's not very impressive right now. But to me...armhole and neckhole shaping! Button band! All new things...I am fairly impressed with myself.

Also...Ms C...uh, hows about a bracelet for a soon-to-be-new mommy? (Unlike K...I'll actually pay for mine.) ;-)

T1 said...


I commented...but the counter is denying me.

ms c said...

it's not much of a recommendation to have a brand-new bracelet break the first time it's worn. sheesh! thank goodness it came with a lifet-time guarantee.

t1, email me and tell me what you like - colors, gemstones, small, large, girly, hippie, cosmic - uh, you get the idea :o). i am here to serve frapgirl and all her sistas (blood and otherwise) bracelet needs (although you know, maybe an ankle bracelet would be better for a mother-to-be so the baby doesn't yank it off).

and i'm gonna help you out, kat, by tracking down mr. soul patrol. i'll get back to ya.

goodgirl036 said...

I think this will be the first time we ever fought over a guy, but I LOVE Taylor, so you might have some competition on this one. check out http:\\

I guess links don't work in, and did I say I LOVE Taylor. Weird, because I have never loved a musician before.

Kat said...

Now, now, Ms C. You definitely make quality jewelry. That anklet I have gets the crap beaten out of it and is still in perfect condition. As is the stretchy bracelet. My theory is that this new bracelet arrived here in Portland to cold and rain and said "screw this ... how do I get me back to the sunshine??" so decided to kamikaze itself. But the sun should be shining again in Portland by the time it gets back to me so I think all will be good!

Kat said...

Goodgirl036- well then I should get Taylor by default because I lovelovelove musicians! I am a groupie at heart. Plus as I recall (ahem), YOU already HAVE a boyfriend. :)

T1 said...

Ms C...I'll let you know. Definitely a bracelet though...probably the stretchy kind, just in case QT decides to take a whack at it.

Ps. The back of his sweater is done and still not very impressive. Hopefully with a front and some sleeves it will look better.