Thursday, May 11, 2006

Free Katie, Tom ... just Free Katie!

Ah, sometimes the smallest things bring me the greatest of joy! I'm not sure that this should humor me as much as it does .... but there ya go!

Check out this link of Tom Cruise showing up at a Red Carpet Event in a 1.3 million dollar car! Too funny. I have NO idea why the doors would have been locked for what was surely a 2 minute drive for a simple photo op. Unless ... perhaps he was scared Katie would try to escape??!! (just sayin' is all. Rumors COULD be true!! ;))

[update 5/12/06 9:40 am: Sorry folks. Looks like Tom (or his people) got to the video folks and the video has been pulled. Just know it was a flippin' hysterical video of Tom pulling up at a red carpet event in a fancy-schmancy car, walking around to the other side of the car and trying to suavely open the door for Katie. Only the car door is locked. And locked. And locked. He keeps trying but she apparently can't figure out how to unlock the door from the inside (or is REFUSING to unlock the door from the inside ... who knows?? ;)). Until finally, (and I'm talking an excruciatingly loooooong time with the cameras flashing all around) Katie sheepishly steps out.]


Mark and MeLissa said...

He brings an additional meaning to the article I saw this morning that said that Tom's daughter told him not to let Katie get away because she was the one. Thanks for the afternoon chuckle. ;)

Libby said...

I think she totally locked herself in that car...the only way she can get away from him. Poor thing.