Friday, May 12, 2006

Random Friday

First off, how cool is this bracelet!?!

I asked my friend Ms C to make a bracelet that I could give to my friend K for her birthday. I requested one with purples (because K LOVES The Purple) and told Ms C that K is a shaman and that I believed one of her spiritual guides* to be a bear. And this is what Ms C came up with!

Isn't it awesome! Y'all should check out Ms C's products page. (Only errrr .... don't get too attached to that last one on the page......

.... because it is MineMineMine! :) We're just going to switch** out the charm. Ms C said she ordered up a knitting one. How cool, huh?!)

So how wrong is this?

I'm commuting into work this morning and spot this crane driving down the road.

For those of you who can't read the very blurry logo (sorry ... I was driving, it was early, and ummm ... there had been NO caffeine yet at that point! ;)), the logo reads: "Just like Viagra .... We get it up for you."


My tax dollars at work!

So I've discovered that Oregon has a funky way of wasting my tax dollars! See this Oregon Department of Transportation workerbee sitting here in this pic ...

.......I believe their job is simply to guard that offramp ALL day! Ya know, to warn the other ODOT workerbees via radio on the off-chance that some idiot driver misses all the Road Closed signs, barrels through the cones, weaves around the road closed barriers, and continues driving until they get to the part of the road where the road work is actually being done. (now I'm sure this COULD happen ... and maybe upon occasion it does .... but really ....what's the frequency {Kenneth} (*snicker*)! )

Now I understand that for safety sake some kind of Idiot Alert could be a good thing. BUT ... could this not more efficiently (and cheaply???) be done by having a temporary yet reusable device put on the road right there that would sound an alarm to the folks below if a car passed over it? You know, think like those hoses that you sometimes see on the road that counts the cars that pass over it. Or maybe something even more portable like those spike strips the police use (minus the spikes but with a pressure sensor). I mean .... come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! That has got to be WAY cheaper than paying someone for 8 hours of work plus bennies, day after day after day.

(alright all you liberals ... bring it on! I know you're going to take issue with this. Just let me preemptively say that creating jobs can be a good thing. But really .... based on what I've gleaned so far, I'm completely and utterly unimpressed with this one.

Some idiot plowing through the cones is just too random! Use the pressure sensor method for that and have this person doing something else ... ya know, like picking up all the litter, or filling the gagillion potholes. OR if for some reason they have to stand guard there ... at least give them some yarn and knitting needles so they can knit for charities!!! Just please, for my tax dollars ... let them be doing something a bit more useful!!)

* I know. First with the Feng Shui talk ... now with the Spiritual Guide stuff. Y'all are thinking I'm losing it, aren't ya?? :)

** Ah yes. Ms C LovesLovesLoves when you say "I love it. But could you try it with this bead here moved over two?" And then after viewing the picture of the changed bracelet, saying "Okay, can you move it back?? But how about if you swap it with that bead there instead??!!" (hehehehehehehe .... sorry Ms C!)


Mark and MeLissa said...

The bracelets are quite loverly...I may just have to happen over. :)

Hmmm...I wonder if I could get a job sitting by the side of the road for $18 (probably) per hour. I could go for that. I could work on my lobster-esque tan (he he!) and maybe get some chroceting or quilting done.

By the way (and this is a joke, don't everybody panic), the first case of avian flu has been found in a Florida trailerpark. If you want to see the carnage, pop over to visit Mark and I for a nanosecond. ;)

Last but not least, a little happy thing for Kat and anyone else who needs a pick me up this fine Friday...

ms c said...

hey frapgirl, i had no idea you posted the bracelet pics on your blog. thank you. you and your lovely sis were both PITAs, i must say, but it was fun workin' with ya. and i learned two valuable lessons: 1) don't give choices but 2) if you do, do so with unfinished bracelets only (it's much easier to swap out the beads).

melissa, i'll run over to your site but doesn't it figure that the bird flu would hit a trailer park? doesn't everything? (even in the joke world?)

goodgirl036 said...

I hope she wasn't claiming that sis3 was a PITA also. LOL

Mark and MeLissa said...

Yes, Ms. C - trailer parks are, unfortunately, natural disaster magnets. Hopefully yours is an anomoly. :)