Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I SWEAR I'm not gay*!

So my friend A and I went to the Jo Dee Messina concert Saturday night out in Lincoln City!

Now I'm not a huge country music fan, though I have gone through phases in which I've listened to some. The last time being ... oh ..... 10 years ago?? But when A invited me to this concert I recognized the artist's name and knew there were at least one or two songs from way back when which I liked.

So off I went. Because really, who am I to turn down a concert? I just love me the live music!

[Now this blog post is going to be slightly different then my past ones .... because this one requires audience participation. Are you ready?

Okay, at certain points while reading this post, I will request that you repeat the mantra "Kat is not gay*, Kat is not gay*" out loud. Got it? Good. Here we go.]

So Jo Dee Messina, folks ....... (*insert mantra here*) is HOT! That chick has been workin' OUT! Check it out.........

I took that photo during the show and I tell ya it simply does not do her justice. So you'll just have to trust me on this.

I just (*insert mantra here*) loved her body. She's 36 and lean and definitely well-toned. And I found it refreshing that she looked so great
and yet wasn't your normal Celebrity Stick. The woman had curves and (*insert mantra here*) in all the right places!!

So I found her to be motivating. Which is a good thing. Because I tell ya, looking at some of the supermodels or anorexic celebrities simply depresses the hell out of me.
But Jo Dee's body seems to me to be a body which is attainable for your Average Jo (heh). I mean, I'd have to work loooonnng and hard and give up every and all foods that I like in order to look like that ... .but I betcha I could. (I don't betcha I WILL though, knowing my lazy ass self ... just sayin'!)

But I liked more than her (*insert mantra here*) perfect little body. I really liked the way she dressed too. She had on a pair of hip, low-rise jeans which showed off her flat yet well-defined abs really well. And I tell ya, that tank top really show-cased
(*insert mantra here 10 times*) her "girls" absolutely deliciously (that's right ... I said "deliciously"! What of it??! :))! You go, Jo Dee!!!

PLUS, that woman is just cute as a button! And dang funny. A great storyteller. An entertaining dancer (in a good way ... not in a facinating "car wreck" kinda way). And just a sweetheart to boot!

Oh, and not to mention a great singer/songwriter and just so, so nice! ;)

I mean, get this ..... with all the hundreds and hundreds of concerts I have seen, I have never, ever seen an artist who comes out for the second set and opens the show up for requests. That's right ... she just talked to the audience and let folks pick the songs they wanted to hear. And then proceeded to play like 8 or 9 requested songs! How awesome is that? Granted, this was a smaller venue then I normally see shows at, but still .... just the chatting away with the audience was awesome!!

AND ... folks kept bringing things up to the front of the stage for her to sign. So while she was chatting in between songs she'd be signing items for folks!

How cool is that??

Yeah, I used to think
(*insert mantra here*) Angelina Jolie was the hottest woman alive .... but now I think Angelina's got some competition. Because (no, no really ... please *insert mantra extra loud here*) not only do I think Jo Dee is sexy ... she'd be the type of girl I'd marry.

Okay, now please excuse me while I log onto some porn sites and stare at naked men! :)

*"not that there is anything wrong with that!" ;)


pdxjenny said...

She is hottt! I have seen her in concert before too and she just smokes! I'm female, and not gay but really like her, too! : )
It's good that we can admit appreciating another woman's body. Hey, it's hard work (the older we get...gulp...sigh....:()keeping in shape! So, you go Jo Dee!!! : )

Mark and MeLissa said...

Way to go against the grain, not be gay and still be able to appreciate a beautiful specimen of woman! :)

I think we women need to be a little more open and honest about this sort of stuff...we're always so hard on each other. We nit pick every little thing. It's for this reason that I am consistently looking for little things to compliment ladies I know (or just happen to run across) about. Wow, I love your hair! It's just gorgeous. I have to admit, though, that I wonder if people think I'm gay when I do this...especially given my location.

At any rate, way to be! And, by the way, have I told you lately how lovely your pink blog is? ;)

ms c said...

me thinketh thou dost protest too much..........:o)

(gay gay gay!)

goodgirl036 said...

LOL...nuf said!

Kat said...

ah, Ms C. Don't be jealous! True, I drooled a little over Jo Dee. But you KNOW you're the only woman I'd TRULY go gay for. Love ya, sweetie. (*smooch, smooch, smooch*)

ms c said...

thanks, kat, i can be a jealous bitch but i feel much better now. (but just in case, i'm gonna start working on those abs...as soon as i finish this beer)

B said...

That makes up for the craiglist one. Whats your favority tv show again? Not that there is anything wrong with that...

So can I use all these compliments too? Just as long as I finish it off with "cute as a button"?

Too funny