Monday, April 17, 2006

I think this is what they call that "new fangled math"

So I needed a refill on one of CJ's prescriptions this weekend. And I needed to get the refill on Saturday so that I'd have a pill to give her on Sunday (who me....procrastinate much? :)).

So I call the vet on Saturday morning requesting a refill. The Front Desk Chick (FDC) says she will get approval from one of the veterinarians and the prescription should be available late afternoon.

Perfect! All according to plan.

Until .... the FDC calls me back and says that the vet she spoke to would like me to bring CJ in for some lab tests before he'll be willing to sign off on the refill.


I mean, it's about time CJ went back in for lab tests just to make doubly sure that all is well. But the one vet I go to at that clinic is on maternity leave and I was hoping to take CJ in to her when she got back.


So, I take CJ in and, after getting her poked and prodded, I walk out 30 minutes later with: CJ, the $17 bottle of pills, a debit card receipt for $170*, and this:

Which is, they tell me, an At-Home Urine Sample Taker**.

Uh right.

Ideas?? .... Anyone??

Because at what point did .....

1 Syringe...

+ 1 Chinese Eggroll Holder....

+ 1 Ziploc Sandwich Bag....

+ 1 (Oh-So-Cute) Kitty ...

= 1 Testable Urine Sample?

I mean, sure sure, it all adds up nicely if'n I could get the kitty to pee in the Chinese Eggroll Holder. Because then all I'd have to do would be to suck it up in the Syringe and place the Syringe in the Ziploc Bag. Voila, right?! But uh yeahhhh, being that that ain't gonna happen ... I'm at a loss. ;) Anyone?


**So apparently my small-bladdered kitty had no urine sample to give up while we were AT the vet. So since the tests I paid for included a urine sample test they provided me with this kit with which to get my own sample to bring in.


Mark and MeLissa said...

I'm stumped! I'd be interested in knowing the secret should you ever learn it.

Libby said...

Did they not give you a hazmat suit to go with that?? :)

I have no idea how you would take a sample of that sort, using that equipment, from a cat.

Let us know how it goes, though!

T1 said...

WTF?? Your vet is high.

Assuming CJ would pee in an empty litter box...and assuming you would know it was CJ and not Emma...maybe, maybe you could fill the syringe.

It's like when they ask for a fresh stool sample. I'm want me to follow my dog around the backyard and wait for it? And put it in a baggie?

This is why I have a backyard. So the poop can be picked up via shovel and deposited in the trash without my hands coming near it. Which is partly why I also have a husband...

PatentPrincess said... vet has pulled that trick on me a time or two because my dear cat never seems to be ready to give his sample when he's actually there at the office. Apparently (although I've never gotten this to work) is to get the cat to "go" in an empty litter box and then take up the sample. Good luck!

sis said...

ummm...a bit of plastic wrap cleverly "hidden" in the litter box (on a weekend when you are home so you can sit and watch the litter box all day)?? hardy har har...she's too smart. you will sit all day and the minute you get up she will go. she be wicked smart like her mama...wonder who's gonna win this one?