Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ah HA!

We have rebelled! And have decided to plaster this humongo map in our inter-office window to keep the looky-loos from bothering us.

I know, I know ... I hear those mumblings of "oh, how ghetto!". But there is method to our madness, wee grasshoppers!

First off, we have privacy. And may now actually be able to get some work (or surfing, whatever) done without continually being distracted/interrupted (and/or caught! ;)).

But because it is ghetto, we figure it will also inspire the higher-ups to get their butts in gear with regard to ordering the much promised blinds. What with my not having seen anyone even measure for them yet. ;)

And in the meantime, who wants to know where the South Sandwich Island is?? (mmmm ... sandwich!) ;)


Tai said...

Forgive me...maps are 'ghetto'?

(but good on you for keepin' the annoying people out of your face!)

Kat said... Well a map isn't necessarily "ghetto" ... but plastering in our window so any passerbys simply see the backside of it ... kinda ghetto. ;)