Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Gold Medal

How cool is this? The gold medal created for the Knitting Olympics on The Harlot's site.

I love it! Damn creatively talented people!

So I'm posting it on my site for all to see! Besides, I figure I earned it! Because not only did I finish The Bunny (a miracle itself) ... but as y'all may have noticed .. The Bunny actually LOOKS like a bunny and not the frog as I feared. (I know, I'm more amazed than you .. trust me on this!)

So anyway, thought I'd share. This medal was just too creative not to. And besides, toot, toot. (yeah, the sound of my own horn. I'll stop now! ;))


Libby said...

Girl, you toot that horn all you want. You earned it.

Me, on the other hand, I got stuck with the buffalo chip medal. :)

Teresa said...

I love the bunny with the little scarf and the purse. I think you did a really great job :)
So when is the knitting competition over and did you actually sign up for it? If you did I hope you get the gold :)

Kat said...

Hi Teresa! My little niece ... who is in college (holy crap, I feel old!!! :))

The competition is over. I DID sign up. And I'll let y'all know if'n I win anything. I've got two shots. One through Yarn Harlot ... one locally. So we'll see.

Thanks for checking in! Hope you are doing well ... and studying hard! :)