Friday, March 03, 2006


So Sis2 emailed me a link to this book and threatened to buy it for me.

This here, folks, is what you call "Knitting Gone Too Far". Just sayin'.

But if you are interested, it is coming to a store near you this May.

I will not be standing in line for it.

Though I may need to eventually take a peek through it. (what?? :))


Mark and MeLissa said...

The best part is, though, that if you look at the "tagged" section of the book's Amazon page, someone has actually tagged it so they'll remember it with the notation "note to self." I wonder if they knew the whole world would be able to see that they were just dying to buy the book? Hee Hee!

I tend to agree that this is going just a little too far. Next thing you know, they'll have books with quilted underwear...scary.

Kat said...

How funny ...I noticed that "tag" on Amazon as well. I was hoping the person just tagged it "note to self" as in "note to self: there be some crazy shit out there". Ya know, instead of "note to self: MUST BUY AS SOON AS AVAILABLE!!"

Libby said...

Um - are those stripes on the butt? On my crappy computer, the middle one looks like a hole.

I'm just sayin'.

Mark and MeLissa said...

I have one other comment - this is waaaaay too much work for underthings especially given the fact that it is likely that if you ever "show" them to another person (i.e., a man), he will not appreciate the work that went into them....and it might freak him out, too, but that is, of course, secondary. :)