Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Snapshot of Singlehood

Who me?? Single??? What ever gives you THAT idea??? :)


T1 said...

I'm wondering why I see B&J's and not the new Haagen Daz...Caramel Cone. MMMM!! Remember the free samples on Saturday??

LolaGetz said...

You stole my shopping cart!

~mutters to self~
I was wondering where I left the damn thing!

T1 said...

Oh lucifleur...if you only knew how close to the truth you are!

Kat - care to elaborate on the actual thievery of a shopping cart??

Kat said...

hehehe. HEY ... in my defense I was sick. OR distracted. OR ... I don't know. Sigh. Just gettin' old I guess.

Lucifleur, here's the link to the story T1 is referring to:

Kat said...

Oh, and T1. Hello? It's smores ice-cream! It's got the graham cracker and the marshmallow AND the chocolate! How could I pass that up?! It's PERFECT! Even the name is a hoot! (Marsha Marsha Marshmallow!) HA! Just cracks. me. up!

(Besides, who says I can't buy more ice-cream?? ;))

Mark and MeLissa said...

I loved that story about stealing the shopping cart...and I'm guilty of it myself.

S'mores ice cream sounds soooooo good. I couldn't have the graham part, though. In fact, I can't even buy ice cream anymore - what a pain. I sure am glad we got an ice cream maker as a wedding gift. We use it a lot - this week was raspberry with a hint of chocolate which Ms. Lucifleur has stamped with her approval. ;)

Jenny said...

Hi, There

Hey, this is my life, too!!! LOL : ) Where the hell did you find AMAZING cat crystals in a grocery store? I LOVE that stuff but can only find it at lame Bi-Mart! Gag..... : 0(

Keep up the funny blogs.... : )

Kat said...

hey Jenny- Thanks for the comments.

If'n you live in Oregon you can find the litter at your local Fred Meyers. But if you don't ... helloooooooo Bimart! (sorry) :)

Jenny said...

Hey, Kat

I am a P-Town girl, so ok I will check out Freddies then for the crystals. THANKS!!!