Wednesday, March 08, 2006

There is "crazy" ... and then there is "CRAZY"

Okay, so y'all know I'm a huge animal lover. HUGE! And have carried the title of "crazy cat lady" almost with pride*.

But what you may not know is that I am also a huge believer in respecting life in general. Even for things such as (icky) insects. So instead of say squashing those spiders I find in my house ... I take them outside. You know, catch and release, so to speak.

Now some would call that crazy. And some might be right. But, I'm tellin' ya, it is not CRAZY. And there is a difference. (And we're not just talking capitalization! ;))

What's that I hear? You're asking just what that difference is then. Well, here, folks ... let me give you an example.

"crazy" = taking the time to catch an insect invading my home and safely and gently removing it to the outside world.
"CRAZY" = creating a home within my home for the said insect, hunting down a mate for it, and, perhaps, feeling the need to hire someone to come in and feed it whenever I go on vacation.

Right? See the difference?

And so, folks, with that little explanation behind us, I give you a true-life example of The CRAZY!

Matchmaking Try Falls Short For Anaconda Bank Butterfly

I mean, God bless 'em. I appreciate what they're doing. And, sadly, can almost see myself getting behind their attachment to Bob to some degree. (Which I guess elevates my "crazy" to "Crazy") But that whole "mail order butterfly bride" thing. Yeah .... lines have got to be drawn, people!! Just sayin'!

*alright, maybe not quite with "pride". Because I still say that two cats does not a "crazy cat lady" make. Unless I was into dressing them up. And maybe carrying their photos in my wallet. Which, for the record, I am NOT.


Libby said...

I know why Bob's wings have deteriorated - it's because the oils in human hands (from all of that touching they talk about) break down the wings of butterflies.

Poor bob.

And no, you're not crazy. I save worms from the sidewalks when it rains. That's pretty crazy.

Mark and MeLissa said...

count me as crazy for the worm saving, but spiders, sorry. We have a rule in the Rocco household - move and die. Rule two is get on my bed or anything else I will touch and die. Cruel, yes, but I *HATE HATE HATE (I'd make these letters bigger if I could) spiders*...and roaches...and crickets. Butterflies, though, I adore...lucky them. :)

Poor Bob, though...Libby is correct, human oils are not good for him. You'd think the person that dubbed themselves a butterfly researcher would actually have learned this somewhere in their reading...

Tai said...

I save spiders...and other insects.
Mostly because spidergirl over
"bathtubspider" would hunt me down.

T1 said...

You know me...I save them too. And I hate spiders. But they are good for my outside they go.

Poor Bob! Those silly folks should've just made him a home and stopped playing with him.

Sis said...

Ok, now read your *footnote* again and put "YET" at the end -- very last word. I couldn't help doing it, and it makes me laugh and laugh. So would that make me "crazy" or "CRAZY"???

Kat said...

hehehe. Actually I had pondered adding that "yet" in there but I already had the post up so just left it.

(Which I guess makes me the "Crazy LAZY Cat Lady") ;)

goodgirl036 said...

he he he I love butterflys but that seems a little should have let go, but hey maybe he(Bob) will get laid before dying...too funny...