Thursday, March 30, 2006

Much Randomness

Okay, I've been slacking on the blogging ... I know, I know. But I've been busy online house-hunting ... errr ... I mean .. WORKING! (*grin*)

But I am taking a break to bring you the latest.

Knitting news:

The pink purse ... she is done! Whoo hoo!

In fact, the second felted blue purse is done as well ... just minus the button. (errr, and a picture of it! ;)) But being that the same yarn was used (by request) as the first purse, just imagine that this is a picture of it here! ;)

And that is that with regard to the felted purses! Done! Finito! Stick a fork in me! Onward and upward, I say!

Next I'm jonesing to start a bear. A real teddy bear. But I have yet to buy the supplies so maybe I'll actually get back to finishing my second pink sock. (or not! ;))

Plus I've been busy trying to get my house ready for sale ... and reading, so haven't been knitting as much.

But apparently my mom has. Who I guess used to knit. But since I've never seen her it must be decades. And decades. (oh alright ... and DECADES (shut it! Yes, I'm old!!!)).

But now ... she is knitting again. And I take full credit for the inspiration! (regardless of whether it's true or not! ;)). And one of the first things she created .... this hat. What a hoot!

Current readings:

I made the mistake of starting the book "The Contest" (by Matthew Reilly) Monday night. Yeah, read that puppy right on through. Quite the page turner. And kinda creepy. One of those in which I kept hearing noises and praying it was the cats. (which, being that they were hunkered down on the bed with me ... it wasn't. But we're not thinking about that. Nope. Nuh-uh. Wasn't anything creepy trying to break in and kill me so just shut it! :))

I have started another of his but (luckily?) it is not AS big a page turner. And so it will linger on til tonight ... or maybe tomorrow.

On the Dating Front:

Nothing. Bupkus. Nada. No meets in sight. And not much online of interest either. BAH!

But, the good news, at least I've proven to myself that I'm not completely desperate! Whoo hoo!

Cuz if I was, I would have replied to the guy who emailed me the following:

"your new pic is much better than the one before. I wonder if we could learn more about each other by email thhen if we want to in person? "

Uh yeah, folks. Who the hell starts out a first email to someone with THAT kinda comment. It's rude, right?! (and completely untrue. I get lots of compliments on the other pic. The bastard). And all this "judging my photo" from a 53 year old with only this photo on his profile:

WTF??? No, no ... seriously ... WTF???

This damn internet world is a crazy place, I tell ya!

But in other internet news:

The internet world is pretty dang cool with regard to the people who step up to email me with regard to this blog. A woman (hi Katie) found my Jon Bon Jovi post and was at that concert too. So yesterday she emailed me some of the pics she took. (from the front row, might I add! (I knowwww, the bitch. I've already told her that I hate her because of it! ;)))

How cool is that? Not to mention all the other folks that have contacted me! Love you and appreciate you ... each and every one.

Pretty Things:

A picture I took of sunset at the Oregon coast a couple of weeks ago:

Artwork by a great friend of mine! He grew up as a California surfer boy and has just started dabbling in the art field creating these fabulous waves! I cannot wait til he makes it rich and famous (and not only because I'm planning on mooching off of him!!!! ;))

The difference between "durable" and "not durable":

This is wooden postcard that Buck sent me from Texas awhile back. I received it late because apparently it turned out to be not AS durable as the postcard touted itself to be. (Note it is broken completely in half and the Post Office had to tape it! ;))

And last, but certainly not least:

Ryan Seacrest isn't gay?????:

And that's the latest! Hope y'all are having a great Thursday!!!


Sis said...

GOOD LORD. If I had that picture of "mr. rude" to choose from I wouldn't be dating either. Yikes. You are so much cuter than that! If that picture isn't the best reason to become ms. spinster cat lady who knits AND attends Bon Jovi concerts, I don't know what is. I swear. What is this world coming to? Are there any smart and decent half-way good looking guys out there anymore? You are in a great city with good looking people (I have to cross a border to see actual good looking people except for ME of course. LOL.)

WTF is going on out there?

Sis said...

Oh, and even more scary...that guy looks like Uncle Frank, doesn't he?

Kat said...

What? Uncle Frank? I thought Uncle Frank was the best looking of the bunch? (of course, it's been ... err .. decades (?) ...since I've seen him ... but please lord don't associate anybody related to us as looking like that!!!

T1 said...

Yeah...Seacrest is not gay...have I not mentioned his "not so secret" oogling of the ladies on AI?? (Tom Cruise on the other hand...)

Not that I don't talk to you every single day...but thanks for finally posting.

Kat's Sis - there are smart, 1/2 way decent looking guys up here...but smart, 1/2 way decent looking, single, straight, no issues, with a job and a sense of humor...Now you know if I knew any I'd certainly introduce.

Kat...have you seen the sock yarn mentioned on the Harlot's sight?? It's enough to motivate anyone. (Even at $15/skein...but it does a whole pair...)

Kat said...

T1 .. I HAVE seen the sock yarn. And like it. But not enough at this point to have to knit another pair of socks!

Anonymous said...

T3 here

Ok I didnt think it possible that the fuzzy purse you gave Kayla could have another purse even come close but that pink one does. Super cute.........Not as awesome however as the one my daughter proudly flaunts everywhere she goes!!!!!!!

As for the guy and his statement WTF

T1 said...

I'm thinking I can use my returns to Lint to buy the sock yarn...not that I don't already have sock yarn that has yet to be knit. Or um...another project that needs to be slippers for a little girl. But whatever.

goodgirl036 said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Hilarious..and no that guy in no way, shape or form resembles anyone in our family. Also, Teresa saw the purse and just called me. Is that the one you knit for her? Yikes(the guy not the purse - the purse is awesome), once again I have to count my blessing that I have a guy.

Kat said...

Yes. The pink purse is for Teresa. And I finally put it in the mail yesterday. Expect it ...errr ... Saturday or Monday? I sent it to Joe's.

goodgirl036 said...

Way cool...she is beside herself. And I guess mom sent her a hat so she will be styling...