Friday, March 03, 2006

Kudos To Moonstruck Chocolate Co

Kudos to Portland, Oregon's own Moonstruck Chocolate Co. for being selected for the SECOND year in a row to be the "exclusive chocolate provider" for this year's Academy Award Gift Baskets.

Isn't that AWESOME!?! What an honor, right?! I'm so proud! (no, I don't know why. But there ya go!)

And though we, the non-Academy Award Invites, can't get our hands on the actual gift boxes provided to The Stars*, we can purchase the same truffles here! Just be forewarned, do not view this site hungry. Cuz it's torture, I tell ya ... torture!!! :)

And if you've never experienced the chocolatey goodness found at one of their Chocolate Cafe's ... go now . RUN! Chocolate truffles, chocolate drinks, oh my! Oh so good.

(no, I am not part owner of this company. Nor do I have any of their stock. But just as I'm a shoe-ho, I'm a chocolate-ho ... so I love this place!).

I mean, come onnnn, folks ... a Chocolate Cafe. Does it GET any better than that??
Specialty chocolate and espresso drinks partnered with hand crafted artisan chocolates for an experience that can alter the course of your day for the better, in a setting that inspires you to linger.
Uh hello?! Can you say "heaven"!?! ;)

Go. Go now!

*unless YOU can ... in which case I'd love to be your new best friend!!! :)

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