Thursday, March 09, 2006

Where's My Calendar??

Dear Weather Gods-


I'm sorry. It would appear that you didn't get the memo. You know ... The Memo. The one which would have informed you that this is the month of March.

And even may have more explicitly stated that this is the month of March in Portland, Oregon.

You remember ... "March in Portland". The month of birds singing, bulbs blooming, me spring cleaning my garden.

Looks kinda like this:

Yeah, March.

Ringing any bells yet?

I didn't think so.

Because if it had , surely I would not be looking out my window at this:

That's right ... snow. In March. In Portland.

Not happy.

I mean, sure sure the snow is beautiful ... don't get me wrong. But perhaps you didn't notice that I just purchased cutey-patootey sandals at Zappos this week (LOVE YOU, Yeah, they're not what one would call "snow gear".

Just sayin'.

Maybe you could check your inbox or look through those papers under your coffee mug for that memo. Because really.... it IS March. I SWEAR!

Thank you.


Libby said...

I need to move to Portland. I had to drive through snow to get to derby practice last night, and the stuff just doesn't stick here.

I don't know if I live on a volcano and am just totally not aware, but it snowed for a good hour last night and we got NOTHIN to show for it.

I. Am. Jealous.

T1 said...

I think it's where your at in Portland. Over here on the eastside...nothin'. Patches of blue sky in fact.

Whereas the folks who grew up with out snow stare at that in awe...I am staring at the blue sky, hoping against hope that we could have some sunshine. Sigh.

Sis said...

well, guess what? we have had no rain (AZ) this winter at all. In fact, we are somewhere around 140 days since we last had rain. wtf? where is our winter??!! no rain. no rain at all. yeesh. good news though; we have a chance of rain this weekend. wish us luck and do a rain dance for us okay? or better yet send us some of that beautiful snow.

goodgirl036 said...

We have snow too. Which is pretty, but not so for the Monday morning commute. And why weather gods does it just snow during rush hour. And then the next day gone, but in the meantime chaos and fatalities. Very sad.

ms c said...

i had no idea it snowed in pdx last week. i have got to get my internets back!!!! "sis", did you get rain? we did and even some snow, not on the desert-floor mind you but up in them there hills.

kat, i sure hope you get to wear those sandals someday. you might have to pencil in another visit to laughlin.