Monday, March 13, 2006

Get Fat Quick Scheme?

Okay, the Oregonian's Knitting Olympic medal results are in!!! And though my bunny and purse didn't win gold ....or silver ......OR bronze for that matter (grrrrrrrr) knitting did get mentioned. WITH picture printed in the paper. Whoo hooo!

So that's cool. My purse and bunny are now famous! (at least in my mind!!)

Here's a link to the article. (you can see many of the Olympic entry photos by clicking the "more photos" found under the reporter's picture in the "Related" box next to the article header. Then scroll down to "More Living" and click on "Knitting Olympics". (after seeing some of these amazing entries, I'm pretty damn proud that the bunny and purse were one of only a few entries which had a photo printed in the paper. (Go Bunny! Go Bunny! Go Bunny!!))

Do you see the gold went to a 9 year old girl? I mean, OF COURSE I didn't win against her. Little kid ... full-on poncho. Not a bunny-prayer in sight.

But I DO protest the silver medal going to the woman who knit the 47 foot scarf! I mean, don't get me wrong ... I understand why the judges awarded her a medal. Because comeee onnnnn .......someone that knits A FORTY-SEVEN FOOT SCARF! Why ... that's just CRAZY*! Right? And you just don't wanna piss off that kinda crazy! Best to just give her a medal and slowly back away is all I'm sayin'.

But that's alright ... I KNOW the bunny and purse are cute. And they both have gone to great homes where they will be properly idolized (one of the prerequisites to receiving something knitted by me!). (*grin*)

Speaking of which ... check this out. T1 took my purse into her coworker** today and a different coworker loved it and has already placed an order for one. Isn't that funny? Me ... a professional knitter! Whodathunkit?

Course, I'm pretty much just charging cost of supplies. Though I did throw in a demand for some of her outrageously yummilicious kahlua pork. (Is it just me, or perhaps should I have paid better attention in those entrepreneurial business classes? ;))

Happy Monday, everybody!!

yes, all capitalized!
** the coworker will be giving it to her daughter.


T1 said...

So...why didn't I get kalua pork when I made PIC a scarf?? (PIC is coworker #2...the would-be purse thief. As in partner-in-crime...since we always get in trouble at work.)

No. I had to get pregnant to get kalua pork on demand. Not that I'm complaining. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

T3 here. A Million thanks for that purse and let me tell ya guys the picture doesnt do it justice. So Kayla gets home last night and first thing she does is empty her purse out in the middle of the floor and start downsizing so she can use it immediately!!!!!

Only one problem with the purse.......... seems Genny the dog(my slighly neurotic slightly thinner version of Penny)is scared to death of this evil fuzzy thing that has entered our house! What a dork!

Anyway Kat thanks so much she is so so sooooooooo happy with that purse. And to tell you how much we liked it I gave up kaluah pork so my daughter could have the famous purse =) You Rock

Kat said...

Thanks T3! Glad she likes it! :)

So tell me ... perhaps is Genny scared of cats? Cuz ... rumor has it.... that mine try to "help" me with my knitting sometimes. And perhaps their scent is on it?

I mean, lord knows that purse was washed enough during felting ... but who knows how they partied with the purse while it was drying. Just sayin'. :)

goodgirl036 said...

WOW...congrats on the pic in the paper and I can't believe the author, steve(was that his name) knitted a scarf. It has to be because Pamela Anderson on stacked was shown in a knitting circle. Maybe I should learn to knit. Nahhhhhhh! If knitting needles are banned on planes, god only knows who I might maim trying to knit. I might put an eye out. lol

Anonymous said...

Genny is just a total freak! Bless her little heart. She hates cats, rats, guinea pigs, anything that isnt food is on her hate list =)

She wouldn't even go near it she ran away and hid lol. But sis loves it!