Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Photo Potpourri

Who knew Portland had a White House?! I KNOWWWW ... neither did I!

But it does .... see?!

I stumbled across this while on another of those historical walks ... this time around the Irvington district. I guess this White House serves as a bed and breakfast. Who. Knew!?!

I tell ya, the crazy things you can find while stumbling around town on foot! ;)

I also stumbled across this ... a mini Doberman Pincher. Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen??

I'm not even a fan of the small dog (sorry Penny) but this one was just too cute. And y'all ... I never even knew this breed existed!! I really do need to get out more!

Speaking of which, so I popped into a New Seasons Market* the other night because CJ was begging for some turkey and I had none (bad mom). And though CJ is not a big fan of their turkey (I think they just get too fancy with their seasonings**), I chose to go there because I was still not feeling 100% and it was the closest grocery store. So I picked out a couple of already cooked chicken quarters for her from their deli.

But while there, I wandered a bit and decided I REALLY should purchase something else ... ya know, while I was ACTUALLY IN a grocery store. (as y'all know, it's not like my cupboards are brimming over with food at home). But just couldn't find anything to my liking (or that I could justify buying at their prices ;)). So my big purchases ..... the two chicken quarters, two plums and a bottle of wine I could not pass up .... based only on the name. (errr, and that it was on sale!)

But look .... it's called "Herding Cats"! HA! I HAD to have it! Lord knows how it tastes ..... but cute name.

So anyway, my bizarre grouping of purchased items did earn me a "have a nice dinner" from the checkout lady! HAHA! I couldn't even tell her that the chicken was for my cat (I'd already eaten), the wine was for future guests (or just show-n-tell ... whatever) and the plums .... well, the plums are still sitting on my counter. Y'all know.

Also a week or two ago I volunteered with Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital for their Dogtoberfest! They raise money by washing and drying dogs all afternoon for $5 a dog! It was great fun! Some beautiful dogs ... and not so bad dog owners, if I might say! ;) Here's a pic I took of the chaos as I was leaving after my shift ended....

And last but not least, my new purchase for my home! Isn't this picture great! I LUVVVVS it!

Okay, that's the latest. Wish me luck ... I'm starting a class tonight which I've been interested in for awhile ... but been dragging my feet over taking because if I really, truly love it and start pursuing it with a passion ... I could well end up weighing 500 pounds. More tomorrow...... :)

*for those of you not familiar with New Seasons, think many organic foods at high prices ;).
** so, should I be more embarrassed that my cat prefers cheap turkey .... or that I KNOW that my cat prefers cheap turkey????????? :)

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goodgirl036 said...

Have you seen Must Love Dogs??? Because it is a classic for us dating (which I am happily). But I did find myself the other night standing at the counter eating my chicken breast and sharing with my 2 cats..no dog : ( Enuf said.