Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sorry folks!

Still playing with the templates. Just not finding anything I like. I'll settle on something at some point! I swear!

But must leave my office right now. The fire alarms have been going off (man, it takes you RIGHT back to grade school and everyone lining up to exit the building for all those fire drills!). Anyway, I hear there is no REAL fire (just smoke) in the office on our floor so our company has decided not to leave. So I've just sat here typing away while the alarms have blared.


Someone just announced that the fire department has arrrived!

That's right ..... fire alarm blaring?! Smoke billowing about?? I ain't leaving.

But what's that?? ... did I hear you say that there are firemen wandering about out there??! Okay, okay ... twist my arm, would ya?! I'll go! SHEESH!

But only for safety's sake, of course! :)

1 comment:

goodgirl036 said...

HE HE HE...boy, you must be aging...hello, fireman...just remember to hold your breathe til you turn blue and fall at said fireman's feet...not that I have ever tried it...but just thinking might be fun to try...just fall in front of the cute, hot young one!!!! With my luck I would get the donut eating one...I think you need a girlfriend there to intervene just in case...anyway back to reality...