Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sometimes there is such a thing as TOO much customer service

So I know I was bitchin' a bit the other day about poor customer service because I was trapped in the bowels of the Whole Foods parking garage for hours*! But call me picky, call me 'The Customer Service Nazi', call me pms'ing ;), WHATEVER .... but TOO much customer service can equate to poor customer service as well.

How's that, you ask?

Well, let me explain about my jaunt to the Miller Paint store.

I love me the Miller Paint store, don't get me wrong. They make me oh-so-happy with their huge display of Devine Paint colors, my all-time favorite paint brand. And the workerbees there are always helpful and cheery enough as well.

But Miller has this policy of physically carrying out the order to the customer's car for them. Always. Which, when you've got two or more gallons of paint to lug out to your car, can be MUCH appreciated, don't get me wrong. Even say, one gallon of paint and maybe a couple of paint rollers.

But y'all, my purchase this week was THIS:

That's right. I had a whopping THREE four-ounce packets of sample paint. All three I can easily scoop up in my hand and shove into my purse. I don't NEED (nor want) that order carried out to my car for me. I feel like an idiot. And hate the pressure of making small talk along the way.

So when Miller Workerbee (MW) was finishing ringing me up at the register, I plotted to thwart the He Will Carry It For Me plan by grabbing up these packets before he had the chance. But these MWs are wiley creatures, don't think they aren't, and seem to be on-guard for those of us who attempt to grab our order and leave. Truly, their timing is impeccable. Because just as I was handed my receipt signaling the end of the transaction, and just as I reached simultaneously with my other hand to grab at my sample packets, MW deftly (and with lightening speed, I might add) grabbed them first and started heading around the counter and to the door.

And this guy was tall. So I practically had to jog to keep up with him. He who KNEW I preferred to carry my own because he kept rebuffing (in a very polite manner, and always with a smile) any and all attempts for me to gain custody of these packets and go.

I felt like I was a kid in grade school being picked on by the school bully. Or, errr, being that I don't recall ever being picked on by a school bully, let's go with being picked on by older siblings (you know who you are!). Ya know, the older and taller sisters who would grab something of yours and hold it over your head as you made vain leaps at it, always ending 6 inches too low because you weren't quite as tall as them yet?

But I swear no polite attempt from me was getting me those sample packets before we were carside. None whatsoever.

Because I traipsed after him, occasionally reaching for the packets while vainly interjecting, "okay, thank you so much, I've got it from here". "Yes, the rain HAS been shocking ... thank you so much, I can take it from here...".

At the end of the counter, I tried.

When we reached the door, I tried.

To no avail.

Until finally, head hung in defeat, I just trudged after him til we reached my car, then stood, head still hanging, with arm outstretched, for the Transfer of The Paint Order.



Don't get me wrong. I think it is honorable that you, Oh Paint Which Is Miller, strive to achieve excellent customer service by going above and beyond what other paint stores will do for you. But really. Can't we just carry out our own order if that's what makes us happy??? Perhaps a little flexibility in this policy is in order?

Because I know that I would certainly appreciate the Carry My Own option. And I'm guessin' there are many a burly men who would feel the same way. Just sayin'.

[End of rant**]

*FINE! It was only like 10 minutes. But is SEEMED like hours!!!
**hmmm, I'm thinkin' maybe I should go scrounge up some chocolate to counter these pms "everyone SUCKS" thoughts! Whatdaya think?! :)]


Kim said...

I have to say, Kat, that would have annoyed me as well and I'm not PMSing. Could it be that workerbee just wanted to go outside for a bit? That maybe this store policy is like recess for them?

shannon said...

I'm thinking MW might have found you cute? Maybe this was his way of flirting (some guys are really bad)?

Although Kim has a point too about the recess idea.

goodgirl036 said...

not to change the subject, but I am 5'1 so if you did (and I swear I don't remember torturing you in this way) did have to jump to get said object it must have not been to high a jump : ) now other sis is a little taller so maybe she tortured you more....just sayin'.