Thursday, October 26, 2006

Say what?!

So I found myself on an online Australian news site yesterday (oddly, I don't recall how I got there .... send mental help!) and became transfixed by some of their headlines.

For instance, for this first one I thought that perhaps the Riot Minister literally fell on a sword and wondered how the hell he did that. Was it an accident? Was it on purpose?

And I just HAD to know ... so I read the article. Only to find out .... no sword. (yes, I AM a real blonde ... why do you ask?? :))

So I moved on .... and saw this:

And thought ... "dob in"?? Is that a typo?! ... do they mean "do in"?? Or is it really "dob"?? So I read that one too. (fyi: it was really "dob"! :))

And how about this one:

I clicked on that article but it just didn't look interesting enough so I moved on .... (heh)

Or this?

("Diggers" equals "Soldiers"? Yes????)

This one I really liked. "Car rebirthing"! HA!

Yep. Just a plethora of fun stuff to read.

Odd though. Through all the articles I read I never found anything about "putting shrimp on the barbie"! Huh. :)

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