Friday, October 20, 2006

Hold on to your britches....

..... there be knittin' going on! (HOLY COW, right?!)

But yes, folks! There has been KNITTING! Whodathunkit?

Here is a fun little scarf I knit up real quick for a friend's daughter. I used Fun Fur Stripes yarn and held two pieces together (each starting on a different color stripe) for the funky, fuzzy effect.

I also made a similar funky scarf for my niece's birthday bunny which I finally* finished.

Well, I say "finished" but OBVIOUSLY I still need to stitch in the eyes and nose. (Hmmmmm. Perhaps I should be calling this her 'Early Christmas Present' what with it already being several weeks late for her birthday (oops ... bad aunt!) and ..... even if/when I finish the bunny face ... who KNOWS when I'll actually get it mailed! Yeah, yeah ... an "early Christmas present" .... that's the ticket!! :) (sorry, little K!))

Speaking of Fun Fur, folks! Michaels is having a mega sale on it this week! Only $2 a skein! So if you like to add in some Fun Fur (or many other kinds of fun, cheap yarn) every once in awhile .... run-DON'T WALK to your nearest Michaels! I wouldn't be surprised if the sale ends Saturday! Just sayin' is all!

*please remind me that when I do these bunnies using DPNs instead of circular needles that I have to adjust which needle I start the head on by 1. Because this is the SECOND time now that I've gotten to the top of the head only to realize that it is 1/4 off! ARGH! So I have to frog the head and do it again. This is why this bunny is (super) late .... I hate redoing things (which also explains why it took me several weeks to repaint my bedroom (the color didn't come out right the first time)! I HATE ME THE REDO!)


Julie said...

I actually like the bunny without a face.

shannon said...

I was thinking the same thing, Julie!