Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Frosting Malfunction

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it, peeps! :)

This week we learned how to create The Shell (y'all will recognize it when you see the edging on my cake this week), the second part of how to create the classic Icing Rose (the final part we learn next class. So stay tuned next week for a beautifully rose covered cake!!! (heh heh)), and a clown.

What's that?... a CLOWN you say?! Yep, a clown.

Kinda like this ... only with a plastic head you can purchase from the craft store.

And because I wasn't feeling a Clown Cake, when my Clown Attempts turned out to be beautifully melted Clown Puddles due to melty frosting, I decided "SCREW IT! I don't want no stinkin' clown ANYWAY!!"!

So I went with beautifully Melted Colored Dots instead ... because it's MY cake ... and I love me the dots! :)


shannon said...

mmmm, dots. thanks for the belated birthday greetings, kat. yes, she is a friend...not a foe. she admitted that the cake was crap and wouldn't blame me if i threw it out. i did have another friend bring me blackberry cobbler too.

but your cakes, THEY are really what birthdays are about!!!


goodgirl036 said...

chocolate???? Because that is all that really matters...and I am not a fan of clowns either, some childhood buried trauma maybe????

Kat said...

No chocolate this time. It was something called "butter cake". Probably back to chocolate next week since that's my favorite. Plus it's the last week of this Course #1.