Friday, September 29, 2006

Dear Bill Gates

Will you loan me 20 million dollars? Pretty please ... with cherries on top??

I know it sounds like a lot .... but that seems to be the going rate for a ride to the space station nowadays. And I really want to be a space tourist too!

Perhaps you read the blog set up by Anousheh Ansari which details her recent jaunt to the space station!?! Some pretty interesting stuff from a layman's view (astronauts tend to keep it pretty formal) with regard to real life up there (ie how DO you wash your hair, anyway??)

Anyway, I would love love love to get a chance to be in space! How amazing to see the earth from up above!

So if you could loan me the $20 million ... I'd really appreciate it! Just drop me a line at the email listed on this blog and we'll set it up!

Okay, great ... thanks!

The Next Space Tourist

But uhhhhhh, ..... we'd probably need to set the loan repayments to be about $20 a month. Hope that's okay! I'm good for it .... I SWEAR! :)

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goodgirl036 said...

Make it $40 million and I will go with you : ) That's $40.00 month, huh??? Go Gates!!!! Tell him we'll wear tee shirts with his image on it... : )