Wednesday, October 25, 2006

AGAIN with The Dots!

AND with the Frosting Malfunction! (HEY! It could happen two weeks in a row! Ya-huh! Ya-HUHHHH! ;))

Anyway, I kinda cheated with regard to the frosting this week. I mean, my intentions were good, don't think they weren't ... but things just sorta well .... happened.

Like with my first batch of frosting that I was going to use to frost the cake. I tried using half a stick of butter instead of just straight shortening. But, APPARENTLY, butter needs to be completely softened before trying to whip it up with other ingredients. Else you get little tiny bits of non-blended butter in your icing (who knew??? :)). So Little Butter Bitted Frosting combined with having to try icing the cake using a butter knife (could NOT find my spatula for the life of me!) equates to a very crummily (and quite "crumbily") frosted cake.


That meant I had to make TWO MORE batches of frosting ... STILL. AND again ice the cake.

Which did not make Kat a happy Cake Decorator. (especially when pms'ing. (yes, STILL!))

So I figured "screw that!" ... I'll just buy a can of Wilton's ready made frosting ... ice the cake with that ... then only have to make ONE other batch to take to class for the actual Decorating Of The Cake.

So I did.

Which is all good (especially having found the spatula the next morning (IN PLAIN SIGHT, mind you!)) except that the canned frosting does not do that Magical Hardening Thingamabob which makes De-Wrinkling The Iced Cake a breeze. The frosting was mega-soft (fairly yummy though). So the cake was iced with many wrinkles and even some crumbs.

Luckily, The PMS kept me from caring! ;)

BUT THEN, The PMS also kept me from reading the list of which types of frosting we needed to bring to class. I thought "medium consistency".

I thought wrong.

Hence the frosting was veddy, veddy soft and the petals of my roses all kinda globbed all over each other during The Making Of The Frosting Roses in class.

And so we got this, as my last cake of Wilton's Cake Decorating Class - Course #1*!

Not The Best ...(I CAN do better) ... but still quite yummy. And that's REALLY the important part, right??! :)

*of which I am an Official Graduate .... certificate and all! Thankyouverymuch! :)!


shannon said...

your cake posts always leaving me wanting cake. and now, i'm pms-ing too...well, without the bitchy mood swings of norm, but with the craving things and bloating and...wanting of cake!

MeLissa said...

Crap. I just lost my comment.

So I guess all the witty things I said are lost in space...bummer.

Nevertheless, good job on the cake and congrats on the graduation! :)

Just so you know, I learned how to do roses and just didn't like them so much that I never use them. I stick to rose buds and little drop flowers...they're more my style. :)

goodgirl036 said...

well I am impressed...I can't even get a cake (in Denver altitude and all) to bake correctly, so frosting is the least of my job.