Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter, Everyone!!!!

Hi Y'all! I'm still alive ..... no,no really! :)

I have had the Programming Problem From Hell here at work this week! One in which even the CEO has kept inquiring into the progress (don't y'all just HATE those!!!). I finally had to resort to gathering three other developers in the old "4 heads have to be better than 1" theory. It didn't work. Yep, four (dare I say) Brilliant Problem Solvers, two straight days, zero concrete solutions! ARGH!

Which is nice on one hand. You know, it shows that the time I took scratching my head over this problem alone was justified. It really would have sucked
to show someone else this problem and have them point out the solution in two-minutes flat after I'd just spent days scratching my head over it! Right? Right.

But still, that it isn't REALLY resolved kinda sucks. I mean, the code changes I made to catch what we think is happening should do the trick. (No, no really. I'm pretty confident about that.) But then again ... maybe they won't. And then what?? I mean, it's usually not so easy to stump the development staff.

Ah well, I'll cross that bridge if we come to it!

But anyway, that's not where I wanted to go with this post! I just wanted to say a quick Happy Easter and show you this humungo Bunny! Love, love, love the feet!

And I was going to promise you that next week I'd be a better blogger. But then I remembered that next Friday this company is moving. (yeah, moving an entire company ... talk about a pain in the arse!!!). So I think every spare minute next week is going to go to sorting through years AND YEARS of papers I have here. Yeah, I know ... does the fun never stop??? ;)

But I'll try! :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


MeLissa said...

Love the humongo bunny - bummer about the programming! I have an Easter bunny that looks remarkably like a white cat on our site...super cute. :)

And, could I just grumble a little about the 8 letter string that I have to decipher below. Come on with me here!

sis said...

GOOD LORD...that is one big bunny. Very cute.

Can I see it in chocolate?