Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Same Chaos - New Location

This is Day 2 at the new place ... and it looks much like Day 1 did!

Boxes, boxes everywhere ... and not a drop to drink. (oh wait)

But my little corner of the world here (ie my office) is shaping up ... and I have email and internet so really ... what else do I need, right??

Oh, I know ... I need BLINDS to cover the window that goes from my office out into the main office, that's what I need. Because it's like living in a fishbowl, I tell ya! And my officemate and I are in a very high traffic area too so lots of people are going by and looking in at us.

I'm thinking we should hang a sign that says "please don't feed the programmers". Or maybe a sign on some Informative Programmer Tidbits ... ya know, for those viewing us in our natural habitat.

Though my officemate R sits right in front of that inter-office window and thinks we should paint vertical stripes on it to resemble prison bars and then hang a phone on the outside of the wall so people can pick it up to talk to him as if they're visiting an inmate .


3 weeks til the blinds arrive and counting....

Though the location of this building is nowhere near as scenic as the last, R and I do have a view of a creek outside our office window. So that's nice at least. See? It's down there somewhere ... really.

And the other thing I'm excited about here is that we're on the fourth floor and so I can walk the 4 flights of stairs daily for a little bit of exercise (HEY ... every little bit counts, right?) :) Of course, the entrance to the stairwell on the 4th floor is a 9-1-1 episode waiting to happen. Because there is a little alleyway with empty space on each side that you need to cross to get from the stairwell door to the 4th floor stair landing. And the drop-off the side looks like this!

Eek! I'm paranoid when I'm coming up the stairs that when I reach the 4th floor and am crossing this suspended alleyway that someone will quickly open the door from the other side just as I'm reaching for it and send me flying off over the railing. (who me? Paranoid? pshahhh! ;))

So I'm being careful!

And there you go ... the Office Move Update. Hopefully things will settle down soon but I think the worst of it is over (*knock on wood*)


MeLissa said...

he he....I think you two should do half time on the "don't feed the programmers" and half time on the "jail birds" scene. There both classic.

And, do be careful with that drop off. Perhaps, 3 flights of stairs is sufficient for safety reasons? Excercising and then meeting an untimely death seems like such a waste of energy. :)

Sis said...

I think you should take pictures of you and R doing fish faces and make a few water bubbles and post that all on the inside of the window.