Thursday, April 06, 2006

"MY" Friday Roundup!!

That's right, folks! This is MY Friday! Whoo hooooo! I head off tomorrow for a Weekend Wedding Extravaganza!! (no, not my wedding ... in case y'all were wondering! ;))

So I will be off of the blogosphere until Monday. But hopefully will have some entertaining stories for you when I get back. Especially being that I will be bunking down in one room with about 7 other people. Most of whom I don't know. One of whom I met once very briefly some time last year when he was still married. I know this ... because he had caught my eye and I had inquired. But now ... not married. And me ... sleeping in the same room. Which y'all might think is GREAT! But are you taking into consideration the Morning After HairDo? How about the M.A. Breath? The lack of makeup? What about the possible snoring? Yeah, I'm not thinking this is really a good thing! But good or bad .... it certainly will be a story! :)

I will also have stories about the knitting! Because I hope to do a ton while I am there! Especially now that Crazy Aunt Purl just revealed her Brangelina Hat Pattern!

And so at lunch today I ran out and purchased the Misti Alpaca Bulky yarn I chose to use with it!

Holy cow! Oh so soft! I may never get around to knitting with it because I'll be too busy petting it! (what?)

I have also started to knit a real teddy bear! And I am SOO jazzed about it! I just want to sit and knit it. But me ... busy. Haven't had any real time to do so. So far I have only gotten to here (no, I don't actually know which part of the bear this is!):

(Yeah, I'm not breaking any world speed knitting records.)

But hopefully I'll have more knitting progress to report on Monday. Or perhaps some OTHER kinda progress (*wink, wink*)

Until then. Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

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Mark and MeLissa said...

*fingers crossed.* Have a great wedding. Give us details when you're back (I can always use ideas for the new biz, you know!).